Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fantasy Makers Glitter Liner


So the infamous Fantasy Makers line, that is only around... around Halloween. Lol. I wasn't sure how to word that one.

If you have never heard of Fantasy Makers, its a branch of Wet N Wild. Its just their Halloween line of makeup.

Now, the reason I bought this was because I wanted a good opaque glitter liner. I guess because its from the makers of Wet N Wild, I have high expectations.

Without Flash

With Flash

These are the swatches that I did for it, yes on a piece of paper. Regardless, how it looks on paper, is how it looks on skin. I just couldn't get a decent picture of it on my hand.

As you can tell, it is glittery, but its also not as opaque as it looks in the tube.

A little blurry, but you get the point.

I like this liner, but I am not too overly thrilled with it. I probably wouldn't repurchase it again given the chance.

I got this at Kmart for about $2.99 I believe.

Have you ever tried anything from the Fantasy Makers line?

Drawings on paper with eyeliner later!


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