Thursday, January 26, 2012

First time using a Mask & Hot Ticket

So, Today has been a completely AWESOME day for me. I will give a little backstory.

So, today I woke up early because my body just wanted me awake. I was not expecting much today except a package from UPS which that will be a blog post I type after this one! But, that is all I was expecting, except a detective to come over and talk to Chris. (Long story that I am not going to post here) When I went to check the mail I saw a metallic bubble package sitting in my mailbox. Which confused me because its from MyGlam, and I was not supposed to be getting my bag this month.

So, as I was not insanely excited about it I brought it upstairs and opened it. Inside was what was in Januarys bag. The Sheer Cover Concealer in Light/Medium which is absolutely PERFECT for me. the wen Sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner, The Balms Hot Ticket nail polish in Jade in the USA, and lastly Freemans Facial Peel Off Mask. 

Well, if you know my absolutely obsession with nail polish, I painted my nails right away.


Those are the pictures. It is a really pretty Jade shade. It goes on like it shows in the bottle, then it dries to a darker shade of Jade. Which is actually, still really pretty. I don't have anything like this at all in my collection, which makes me a happy Autty.

Then a couple hours later, after I filmed what Urban Decay sent me for winning their Twitter giveaway, I decided "hey what the hell, I have never used a mask before, wanted too but never have. Lets try this one now!" So I used the Freeman Peel-Off Mask Cucumber. You just smooth it on, avoiding the eye area, like all masks, and let it dry. 5-10 minutes later, you are ready to peel that bad boy off, then wash your face with warm water! And let me just say, for it being my first mask, I ABSOLUTELY love it! And kudos for it being a drugstore mask, so it wont bust my bank if I want to repurchase it! Which is pretty awesome to me! 

That is just what the squeezy tube looks like! No, I didn't take a picture with the mask on my face. It dries clear, but it is shiny, plus, I didn't even think of it till I decided to type this post. Which by then, I had it already taken off.

So, I am going to use this mask a few more times and see how long the polish stays on my nails without chipping!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!


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