Sunday, January 15, 2012

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer

So, there is the lovely product in all of its glory. Sorry for the mess on the desk behind it though!

Anyways, so I bought this product with high hopes for coving up my red areas. Well, It didn't really cover up any of the red spots on my face at all. So, I was kinda disappointed at that aspect considering I think I spent $12 or $13 for it. :(

Well, since today is Easter, I decided that I wanted to try and use it again since it has just been sitting in my makeup drawer. So, I put it on and was like its still nothing great! Well, come to find out, the reason my face looked really weird and kinda gross is because there is GLITTER in the primer!!! Seriously, I never noticed that there was glitter in this product! It made my face not only look cakey but really kinda like I put 6 layers or more foundation on my face. It was kinda gross and I kinda got upset. Because I had to take all of the makeup off that I had JUST put on, just to get the primer off so I could get the glitter off my face. So that was a little agitating. When I had put my foundation back on without the primer it looked pretty awesome, so I do know that it was because of the primer.

The reason I was so upset about the glitter and it making my face look weird was because of the fact that I have really oily skin and I didn't want the glitter to enhance it.

In my personal opinion I wouldn't buy this product again, just because I don't like the way it makes my face look when I have it on, its way too cakey looking, even if I have a very thin layer of foundation.

Now, this may work completely different on you than it does my skin, it could just be a my skin kinda thing, but I really don't think I would buy this product again.


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