Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: ORLY Bonder Basecoat

Today for review we have Orly's Bonder. Which is a rubberized basecoat. You can purchase this anywhere Orly is sold. I however bought mine at CVS for around $6.99 for the .6 FL Oz (18 ML). However, from looking online, if you look around you can find it for $2.99 on ebay. or for the .3 FL OZ on for $5. Which is not bad.

Now from the picture, it does not look like I have use a lot, but actually, you dont need to use a lot and I have used this A LOT. Let me tell you I have used it a lot. I change my nail color every few days. Now, in all reality, the only reason I use a basecoat is so the polish does not stain my nails. Because if I were to use the basecoat for the purpose it was used for, all basecoats would fail miserable in my book. I have really thin and brittle nails. So no matter how much of anything I use, polish does not stay very long on me. I get excited when it lasts for days.

But for some people, this would be fantasic. I really do think that it is a fantasic basecoat, for what of the polish it helps manage to keep on. Ive used this on my Mom and it lasted ages on her. Because she has daggers for nails. (Well not literal daggers. She just has long and rock hard nails.)

I am not sure about the 2 week claim, because I can't keep my polish from chipping for more than 2-4 days, 4 if I am insanely lucky.
All in all, I will repurchase this basecoat again when it is time. :)

I can't give this a what out of 10 rating, It just wouldn't seem fair, since it basically works to just not stain my nails instead of making my polish last longer. Still love it though.! :D


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