Sunday, January 15, 2012

Urban Decay On HauteLook!

So, I decided that since I have the time I am just going to work on my post for what I purchased on . ^_^

So, one day I was just hanging around on facebook and saw an update from hautelook saying that they were having Urban Decay again and I seriously got so excited! No lie, so I had to wait about 4 days for it to be available, and boy at 12pm my time (8am their time), when the sale started I was on looking and BOY was I surprised! So, long story short, I got 7 things.

5 eyeshadows, one cream eyeliner and one of their adorable pocket rockets.

There are going to be ton of pictures because I thought one picture didn't do it justice and I wanted everyone to see kinda every-ish angle. Lol. I used to go on Urban Decays website                             ( ) and dream about the products that I wanted. (lol) So, im sure you can feel my excitement. 


I got 4 of their Matte eyeshadows. Which are $17.00 each. BUT on Hautelook I only paid $5.00 for! I died a little with excitement!

I got Chronic, Cult, Narcotic, and Shakedown.

So there are the pictures. They may not come up completely true to color but I tried!

Now I did swatch these and they are beautiful!  On their website they say that the matte eyeshadows are incredibly silky, and they did not lie! Seriously, they are so soft and I can't even describe it! They aren't chalky though. They seem very bendable to me but like I said I haven't played around with them. OH! They are also very pigmented! eee!

Chronic is a bright light green and oh boy is it. It really is a beautiful color!

                          Narcotic is a bright turquoise.

                         Cult is an eggplant color.

                         Shakedown is a taupe color. 

Now, I got one other eyeshadow like I said (5 total) and it isnt a matte eyeshadow. Obviously or it would have been stated above XD.

The last lovely eyeshadow I have is called Gash, obviously XD.

Gash is a deep brick red.

Now, this color does have sparkles in it, but it is extremely beautiful! I don't discriminate against sparkly eyeshadows, I actually love them! This eyeshadow is also very soft, not as silky as the matte ones but it is still soft none the less (?)


This eyeshadow is also $17.00 and I got it also for $5.00. I honestly think thats an amazing deal considering it is Urban Decay! Don't you think!? Lol.

NOW! Onto the last two items on my Urban Decay Agenda! Lol.

The next item is the Ink For Eyes cream eyeliner in Pyrotechnics. This item sells for $22.00! I only got it for $6.50! Whattt!! Yeah $6.50 baby! Lol.

This is what it looks like ...

(I didn't switch the pictures around I'm sorry!)

This eyeliner has a clear base with iridescent glitter, so if your wanted stand out eyeliner than this is not for you because all you get is the glitter. ^_^ I however love this! Seriously, its really cute, especially the packaging! Bah, I also love the brush. I didn't get a separate picture of it because I didn't think about it. Its a duel-ended brush it has your typical angled eyeliner brush, but the other end has a smudge brush...thing. I've honestly never used one but it says "Create razor-sharp lines, or smudgy, bedroom eyes." :O. Lol.

Anyways, overall I am excited to try this product out!

Now, the last product is a Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss. It retails for $19.00, I got it for $6.50. Not bad, not bad. This is the quote from the website itself. "Undress our men with a flick of your wrist. Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss combines two of our favorite things: naked dudes, and gorgeous lip color." I thought that was so clever! Now My pocket rocket is Jesse. It is described as Blackberry with a warm sparkle. 

Now I just want to point out, the color it looks in the tube isnt the color it is. The color looks more like a coppery color, but when you use it, or at least take the brush out, thats when you get the blackberry color! Just a little warning. ^_^ I had the option of getting Julio which is just a clear lipgloss with sparkle, and I didn't think I needed a clear one, but now I am kicking myself in the butt for not getting it! Lol.

Anyways, here is what it looks like!

I very like the fact that it is a brush applicator and not a doe foot one. I don't mind the doe foot applicator but I like the brush ones at the same time!

Oh and the top does say "rub me" which on the back of the tube it says "rub me for you pheromone fix" Not sure if that works, but hey, try it if you want ^_^ Lol. I did and I don't think I felt any different.

ANYWAYS! So there is my little haul from Hautelook! I might do a review of each of the products separately, here or on my youtube, I haven't quite decided yet since I haven't even played with them XD lol


And remember! You are beautiful no matter what shape or size you are!

Be happy and healthy everyone!



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