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Urban Decay Twitter Winner!

So, as some of you may know if you are on my twitter, or on my personal facebook I won a random twitter giveaway of Urban Decays ENTIRE Spring 2012 collection. Now when I say random, it is because I didn't even realize I had entered it until gotten a Tweet from them, a DM from them and a tweet from another woman about it.

SO yeah. I just replied back with my answer, without really reading OR REALIZING that It was a giveaway.

Which is pretty sweet considering.

So, if you saw my video on youtube which you can view HERE .

I calculated how much everything in the picture would be and it would be around $323 ! Holy crap! That is a lot of money! I feel honestly so blessed that I won, I really do! Im also like insanely excited about it too! I tried out one of the concealers, thats about it. Everything is way too pretty to play with! (Im a loser) But, you better bet, I will be getting my groove on playing and testing everything! Not sure when though, because the rest of my week is kind of busy. Lots of laundry and a few other things! Okay, rambling. Onto the pictures and such!


First we have the Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses. They retail for $19.oo each!

Rashad is a Medium Coral Pink according to Urban Decays website.

Dustin is a Nude with an Iridescent fleck in it once again according to their website. The "fleck" is just some silver shimmer.


Next up we have the Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (what a name). I had to google and found them on Temptalia's website. I couldn't find them on UD's website. But they retail for $19.00 each

Apocalypse is a Deep Purple Berry color.

Lovechild is a Pale Pink with a subtle blue base.\


24/7 Glide On Pencils $18.00 each

Perversion  is described as a Blackest- Black Matte

Woodstock is described as a Sparkly Hot Pink with Silver Micro Glitter

Demolition is described as a Deep Brown with a matte finish.


24/7 Concealer  $18.00

(There are 8 Total)

CIA - Light ivory for fair to light complexions

DEA - Ivory Beige for light to medium complexions

FBI - Neutral Beige for medium complexions

NSA - Deep Beige for medium to darker complexions

ATF - Creamy Brown for medium dark complexions

DOD - Reddish Brown for darker complexions

KGB - Orange-ish Brown for dark complexions

M16 - Deepest Brown for darkest complexions


Naked2 palette $50.00

This was probably those most exciting thing that was in the box for me! I really wanted it and had actually planned on buying it! Baha.

It contains 12 eyeshadows.

Blackout (blackest black with matte finish)

Booty Call Shimmery cork)

Busted (deep brown with shimmery finish)

Chopper (copper shimmer with silver micro glitter)

Foxy (cream bisque with matte finish)

Half Baked(golden bronze with shimmery finish)

Pistol (light greyish brown with shimmery finish)

Snake Bite (dark bronze shimmer with metallic base)

Suspect (pale golden beige with shimmery finish)

Tease (creamy pale brown with matte finish)

Verve (oyster with shimmery finish)

YDK (cool bronze shimmer with metallic base)

Lip Junkie Naked (sheer shimmery pinky neutral)

Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush, which is ONLY available to THIS palette


The Lip Junkie lip gloss is a deluxe sample I believe but for the full size is $19.00


So I really am insanely excited about everything I got and like I said in my video, I don't think I could ever be more grateful to Urban Decay for hosting the Twitter giveaway and for picking me! Random or not. I really can not thank them enough!! :D

Is there something you would like to see a review on? Let me know!


Urban Decays Links:

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me because I won a giveaway. That will not influence my opinion on them. All opinions are 100% MY OWN and nothing will ever change that!

(Written January 26,2012)

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