Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clean Start by Dermalogica Wash Off

The Clean Start line is more geared towards teens who are acne prone. Now I am 21 years old and I first got the clean start kit, which you can buy at and it is $35. Now that is a heafty price tag for skin care, even with all of them being travel sized. The reason I decided to look into the Clean start line was because of Kandee Johnson. I saw her talking about a couple of their products and I decided I would take the dive and try it. Originally I was supposed to get the Breakout Trio, which is the same price, but you get 3 full sized products, but the wrong one was ordered, which was okay. I am actually happy with the travel sized ones, because then I got to try them, so I knew how they would react on my skin.

What comes in the kit is welcome matte spf 15 / bedtime for breakouts / ready, set, scrub / wash off / all over clear. It also comes with a sample of brighten up spf15. Im glad that it came with the welcome matte, because I have oily skin and it would have suited me better! :)

Now, for the full sized products, these have a HEAFTY price tag, that I will not lie about. In all honestly, it kills me a little bit when I have to repurchase them. (I will get to the prices in a bit.) When I got the travel size, you would have thought that it would take me not that long to use it, but that little bitty bottle took me a couple months, which was pretty awesome, so I don't really mind spending that much money, because with the face wash, I use a little bit of it and I know that it will last me a long while! This product you can use on your face, back and chest. So its a multipurpose face wash! HOW awesome! :D
This is what Dermlogica's site says "This foaming wash clears up dead skin cells and extra oils to clean deep, banishing breakouts from your face, back… or wherever."

Now when I use the wash off , I don't really feel it foaming, but thats okay with me honestly, I don't need to feel the foaming action to know its working!!
So you can tell that I don't really mind shelling out the money for it, because I know it will last a while. The only reason there is a huge chunk of the face wash is gone from my bottle is because my cat knocked it down and the top came off and a bunch spilled out. Twas a sad day!

I have been using this for about the past 5-6 months. So I know I can do a proper review of it. ^_^

I honestly don't wash my face EVERY night. I know what you are thinking, omg ew, gross! Or what not, but my skin is so weird, if I wash it every day, it breaks out. So yeah, say what you wish. And my skin actually does not get as gross as you think it does when not washing. Anyways, thats away from my point. lol

This is a clear face wash, it does have a light scent that does not stay on your skin for very long. Well, it doesn't stay on your skin at all and you can't smell it, unless you actually go and smell it. Which I did, because I am me. Its clear and kind of thick, not thick like a gel though. It has a wonderful consistency and a little goes a lot way. It depends on how dirty my face feels, I could use the smallest amount that I could (dime size) or I use a little more (dime and a half) So not a lot at all! So you can already tell this will last a pretty long time for me! :D

You are supposed to use this face wash in the A.M. and P.M. . I chose when my face feels the dirtiest honestly. So I either use it in the morning or at night. If I wear makeup I use something else to wash my face. :) I really do love this product. When I use this I can feel my face being clean. It doesn't feel dirty or oily. Its soft and just.. its hard to explain just exactly what I mean. I really recommend this face wash honestly! There is just something about it that works wonderfully with my skin. Its also helped to heal some of my acne scarring from when I was a Sophomore in high school, its even helped reduce redness! Now it does not say that it is supposed to do it, but it honestly has helped! I just really love this product!

Now to the pricing. Its $20 for 6 fl oz or 180 mL. So yeah, it is pretty expensive, but for the amount you use, its worth it.
Dermalogica's site also says this "Salicylic Acid dives deep to help clear trapped oils and breakout-causing bacteria. Botanical extracts help regulate oil production. Orange Peel Oil revives, energizes, and refreshes.

Have you tried the wash off?! Let me know down in the comments! I would LOVE to hear your opinions on it!!


  1. That sounds really interesting. I like the sound of the travel size kit you got. I love when companies, especially expensive ones, offer travel or trial size kits so that you can try it out.

  2. Its really nice! And with it coming with a sample of the Brighten Up SPF15 moisturizer, its really nice that they give you basically a little of everything except for 2 products. Its a really nice kit and lasted me around 3 months! So its really worth it!

  3. Three months for $35 sounds like a good deal to me. I'll have to look into it when I'm needed new products. Though I'm interested in the Bosica kit. They have this one where the products are black. Sounds kind of cool to me.

  4. Hm, I haven't tried anything my Boscia. I heard they are really good though. I will have to look into it!