Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Favorite Mascaras!

So! Its that time of the month again!

... No you weirdos, not THAT THAT time, its BeautyWarriors time! I actually really look forward to the beautywarriors time of the month because I get to see what everyone's FAVORITE products or what they came up with for that month <3. I really do love it.

Anyways, this month is Favorite Mascaras. I have 2. Why 2? Because I can and unfortunately 1 is discontinued. Why am I talking about it then? because I think it was just repackaged, but when I went to check CVS, they had just started their cosmetics reset so they literally had NOTHING! Which was a bit depressing because I was there to get a couple things I needed. *sad face*

Anyways, so I have one drugstore and one high end mascara and I figure I will start with the drug store, since that is the one discontinued.

So my Drugstore favorite is the Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Volume and Lift mascara.

I have the color Kohl Black. I typically buy black mascaras anyways unless they are the eye color enhancing ones, and that is rare. :)

Now I can't tell you what I payed for it because I got it wow, about 1 year ago and it was 75% off. It was put into my stash of mascaras then got used and I have been holding onto it just to do a video about it and now that I have the chance :D Woot! Anyways, I can not show you pictures of it on my lashes because its gone rancid.. well it went rancid a while ago. And I would rather not have an eye infection or my lashes fall off. (lol Over exaggeration about the lashes falling off)

But this mascara did EVERYTHING that I want a mascara to do. it kept a curl, even with my squinting like I always wind up doing. It was so black its not even funny. It gave me the lift and volume that I wish my lashes had WITHOUT mascara. Seriously this was my holy grail mascara. I was so sad when it went rancid on me. :( I am on a serious quest to find to find the match to this mascara from Rimmel. I WILL FIND IT!! >D And when I do, you all will be the first to know. :)

NOW! Onto my High End Mascara.

That lovely one is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara.
Have you tried this one? I got the full version of it from the Sephora Black Friday sale, but that is still unopened. The picture and the one I have used is the deluxe sample size. And I still love it! Even though I didn't get to use it as long as I would have liked, because it's a smaller version!
Now, I'm not exactly sure about the 424% what not. But I still love this mascara. It gave me super black lashes and some awesome volume!

I really wish this mascara wasn't so much, or I would crazy stock up on it, even though I have 1 full size and another deluxe sample that came with a palette.

This mascara however gave me the lift and volume that I want. It always gave me intensely BLACK lashes, which is something that I absolutely LOVE love LOVE!


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