Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Upcoming Videos/Posts

So, I have a new computer! And I figured, since this one basically does not sound like it is going to die when I turn it on (thank goodness, my other one had this HORRID high pitched squeal to it.) I can at least start to get motivated more to do more posts and videos. Since I will be able to concentrate on what I am doing!

Exciting!? ...maybe.. hahah

Anyways so I have a few upcoming videos and blog posts that I am going to do!

Coincidentally they will each coincide with each other! That's kinda how I like to do it anyways! I also like doing just blog reviews or something like that, to where I do not feel the need to make a video. So, I really just wanted to let you all to be on the lookout! =^_^=

So, the first upcoming video I am going to be doing is for the Beauty Warriors Youtube Channel .

If you do not know what Beauty Warriors is, then shame on you! Beauty Warriors was an idea thought up by Stephanie or Cookiefarrer on youtube and she got with myself and a few other lovely ladies on youtube and we all decided to create a collaboration-type channel, where each month we pick 1 thing and we all make a video about it! Unless, that product is not available where a person is located, then they can skip the month if they wish! Or if a person just wants to take a month off, they are also more than welcome to do it!

We always welcome comments and video responses from others! We just love watching it! As of right now, it is just Women, but we would LOVE to have a guy or two join! I mean, I really think it would be neat. We are also trying to get different races and nationalities too! We have a few from the US, then we even have Norway and The Netherlands. How awesome! Bahah.
So, it is really a neat channel and if you are not subscribed you definitely should be!

Oh! I forgot to tell you this months topic! Favorite Mascaras! So be on the look out!

That is the blog :)

... After that long winded schmoo ^_^

The next video that I Plan on doing is a pink and brown eye look that I have been wearing literally this entire month so far! It's really pretty! I started using a pink bush but, I have other pinks I am going to try out!

So, yes, there will be another tutorial coming your way very soon!

Another video I have planned, well I have actually planned on doing since I started making YouTube videos is a nail polish collection video. Every time I film it, I feel it's too long or my camera isn't cooperating with me! So I am going to set aside a time on Saturday to film a few videos... Or maybe I will do it Friday! We will see. We will see.

I am also thinking of doing an updated storage idea video. Because it has changed ALOT. I might be getting another container. So we will be seeing what happens. :)

Those as of right now are what I am planning. I've got a few others but those I am not so sure about... Plus I can't remember what they are! I've got them written on a piece of paper so I would have them If I forgot.


Anyways. Those are the video ideas that I have coming up very soon that will have adjacent blog posts attached to them :)

Do you have any ideas of blog posts or videos you would like to see? Let me know!


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