Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beauty Subscriptions!

I know 2 blog posts in 1 day. Crazy! Im just really excited and wanted to share this all with you!

So, as you all know, I am subscribed to MyGlam. Its been okay. Ive not been too thrilled with it, but here is to praying that this month is awesome!


I just wanted to add that I have also just subscribed too BeautyArmy and Birchbox !!

I am seriously so excited! Ive been wanting to subscribe to both for quite some time and I can't wait to see what comes in Birchbox! Even though I don't think I am getting this months.

My BeautyArmy box, I can't wait for that. I can't tell you how excited I am! They are so friendly and they get to you right away if you have any questions! I love it!


MyGlam - $10

Birchbox - $10

BeautyArmy - $12 but you get to pick your 6 products!


  1. that's awesome! I get my glam and I'm getting my first beautyarmy kit soon! and I rejoined birchbox so I'll getting that this month too for the first time since I canceled a few months ago! do you sub to anything else? great blog!


  2. My wordpress totally marked your comments as spam?! Seriously how weird!
    My first BeautyArmy kit is on its way and I seriously CAN NOT WAIT! I looked into this months birchbox and they were supposed to send out an email where you can "opt in" to a special birchbox this month and receive full size products like an essie polish, a tarte lip stain and then the deluxe samples. Im kind of bummed out about it! lol..
    Thank you! <3
    No, im not subbed to anything else yet, I have seen a couple that I wanted too, but just haven't yet.

  3. May I also introduce you to our new subscription box service: Treasure Pack ( ) . You can get 20 jewelry pieces per month for just $14.99. We also offer generous affiliate program that has recurring payments.

  4. Hello Anton!
    Do you mind emailing me at and we can chat more about Treasure Pack? I'd love to know more about your service!