Monday, March 5, 2012

Clean Start By Dermalogica All Over Clear

This is another one of the products out of the Clean Start kit that I purchased from and have since repurchased.

The All Over Clear retails for $18.00 on Dermalogica's website, you can also find it at Ulta or at a salon located near you that carry's the Clean Start line.

There is 4 fl oz (120 mL) of product in the spray bottle. Thats seriously a lot! It may not seem a lot, but you just have to use two or three sprays of it day and night! Yes, this is another one of those products that is to be used day AND night!

Dermalogica's website says this "This refreshing mist splashes over skin to control shine and keep breakouts at bay. Instantly cools. Instantly refreshes."

I TOTALLY agree with that! When I get out of the shower and dry my face off, I spritz some of this on my face and it feels so cooling! Its really a lovely thing after being in a warm shower! As for the smell of it, when I had the smaller bottle that the kit came with, the smell was extremely strong to the point that it kind of burned my nose and I wouldn't breathe for about 30 seconds after I used this. So when I purchased the full size of this product, I was extremely surprised! The smell was not as strong which makes me happy. Even though I did not mind the smell of the travel sized bottle at all! It actually smells really lovely! It has kind of a citrus type smell to me.
Dermalogica's website also says "Sesame Seed Extract helps control surface oil and shine, especially in the T-zone. Licorice, Burdock, and Argan extracts help hydrate, calm, and shield skin from environmental exposure."

I totally stand by that claim! This spray DOES help control the surface oil on my face! And you all know I have oily skin so having something that will help control the oil and shine makes me extremely happy! Especially in the T-Zone, since my oiliest part of my face is my T-Zone, but more of my nose.  When I use this, is helps to calm my face, it really does. I can feel my face just relaxing and saying "ahhh" (lol) when I use this. Its really just an amazing product!

Not only had this helped control my oil, but its also helped to control my random breakouts that I get. Double duty products are super in my book!

Now as for the sprayer aspect of the bottle, its really interesting. Have you ever seen the tressame heat protectant spray? The sprayer is basically the same, but this one is a higher quality of plastic and is designed better, it is more sturdy.

This also has 0.5% Salicylic Acid in it as an active ingredient.

The Sesame Seed extract helps to control surface oil and shine.

The Licorice, Burdock and Argan extracts help hydrate, calm and shield the skin from environmental exposure! (which is always good!)

The Lemongrass that is in this helps to energize the skin and also helps to revive and tone your skin!

As you can tell, this product has a lot of stuff in it that is good for your skin!  Just like the Wash Off, you can use this product virtually anywhere to help reduce breakouts! I can honestly say that this product DOES work for me, because when I stop using it for any length of time, my face breaks out!

In a nut shell, I really LOVE this product and I can not rave or talk about it as much as I would absolutely love too! Its really that great!

Have you tried this or any of the other Clean Start products? Let me know!!

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