Saturday, March 17, 2012

First ever NOTD/NOTW

So this is my first ever Nail of the Day/Nail of the week!

I might do this every Saturday night! :D Haven't decided yet

Im super excited about it too!
I just redid my nails and really wanted to share what they look like with you all!!!


So as you can tell, most of them have the flash. A few don't. I only used the flash so the color would come out correct :)

What I used was ::

Orly Bonder basecoat

Orly Crawford's Wine (red)

China Glaze's Liquid Leather

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Clear

Crawford's Wine, only took one coat! It is that Opaque! Baha.

Instead of using a top coat, I use a clear polish, because with some top coats it tends to chip my polish instantly, with a clear polish I can get it to last a couple days. :)

Oh ! You'r going to need some scotch tape also!

So you can get the top part of your nail straight :)

I hope you all enjoyed!!<3

Let me know if you would like to see these every week!  I change my polish about once or twice a week!

Thank you!

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