Saturday, March 31, 2012

Klout Purina Dog Chow Perk

Hey everyone!

So, I have another perk for you from Klout! I still need to upload my gud video!

I first off want to state that I have absolutely NO affiliation with Purina at all. The only affiliation I have with Klout is being a member/influencer on it. I was given a free product or sample because I am a Klout influencer. I am under NO obligation to recieve the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefit for talking about the product or company.

To receive this perk you needed to have a Klout score over 40 and you had to have a medium score in Dogs, Pets, Moms, Parenting.

Take a wild gander which one I had a medium influence in! Moms! I have no idea how, but I do!

So onto the perk. I  received in the mail today (3.31.12) the Purina Dog Chow perk! I honestly was so excited!!

Everything came in this bubble mailer.

( I blacked out my Info and Klouts info as well just for safety purposes)

Inside was the Adventures of TinTin movie, a Purina Dog Chow coupon, a pamphlet saying Congratulations for receiving the perk and a few other things, the Klout Influencer Code Of Ethics, and a note from Purina about an FTC Disclaimer.

(on a side note, as I am typing this I have the movie in. I wanted to watch it as I typed this blog post up, so I can review it after.)

So as you can tell, I received a coupon for a free 20 pound or less bag of Purina Dog Chow!

(Now, on another side note, I have 2 dogs. A Chocolate Lab and a Lab/Shar pei mix. So you better bet your katucka, this is getting used.)

On the left is Kyri she is the lab/shar pei mix.

On the right is Rosie.

Kyri is my Dog and Rosie is my Dads.

Unfortunately my apartment complex doesn't allow dogs.

Bet ya'll didn't know I had a dog. haha

Anyways, they LOVE Alpo. Now, me having a blonde moment (like the blonde I am) forgot that Alpo was by Purina. So, my two ladies will be extremely happy!!!

They have been eating Also... lord since we got Rosie when I was in Middle school, and since Kyri was born.  (Kyri is a pup of Rosies)

(if you are curious about why Kyri looks bad in the picture with Rosie, she has some serious allergies and loses her fur off and on. We have tried a lot for it and it still happens -_- So please don't think she is abused)

Anyways, they both LOVE Alpo, they actually refuse to eat anything else. I also love feeding it to them, they get so excited when its time to eat!  We typically go to Sams Club and buy the HUGE 50 pound bags, because they are not little dogs haha and eat a lot xD.

Now, I am not going to lie, I never had heard of the Adventures of TinTin, before this perk. Then again, if they talked about it on TV, I don't have Cable anymore, we actually got rid of it, because we never watched it.
As for the movie, I think I am about half way through it and its actually really a good movie. I am enjoying it! I actually plan on taking it to my parents house when we go over, so they can watch it and my nephew can. I know my Grandmother will enjoy it because she LOVES movies like this! I love this movie honestly, it made me laugh so hard that its not even funny.

I am extremely grateful that I was able to receive this perk. I know my dogs will love it just as much as I do!

I want to personally thank Klout and especially Purina Dog Chow for this opportunity!!

Please check out and LIKE Purina Dog Chow's Facebook HERE

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Disclaimer!! :In no way am I affiliated with Purina Dog Chow. I received this product for FREE from Klout and Purina. All opinions are true and MY OWN.  They are not paying me and I am not receiving ANY compensation or any additional benefits for doing this review. 

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