Thursday, March 29, 2012

MAC Studio Fix SPF15 Foundation

Starting out with all of the info I am sure you all just "want" to know!

The color I have is NC15, which is MAC's lightest shade.

It has an SPF15 (obviously since its in the name) and is UVA/UVB, which is good that it covers both.

It contains 30 mL or 1 fl oz of foundation.

It is $27 USD or with tax is comes out to $32. But, the price varies where you are located.

There are 30 shades in total between the NC and NW categories.

It has a Natural matte finish.

Up to 8 hours of wear time.

Medium to build-able coverage.

Oil-Free (which is a huge plus for me)


Now to the good part!

I wont lie, I bought this foundation on a whim, I needed a new foundation. However, I did do a lot of research into this foundation before I bought it.  With tax included it was $32, so I didn't want to spend that kind of money on something I wouldn't like or not be able to use! That is too much money in my opinion! Bah.

        Even though I have had this foundation since November 2011, and it is currently the end of February 2012 when I am currently typing this. I am still trying to find a good way to apply this foundation! If I use too much even in the slightest bit, it looks cakey on me! Even using the minimalist amount! Its terrible! I really am having such an issue with this foundation! That is even after taking the time to prep my skin with primer and things of that nature. I really don't know what it is. Ive tried using my fingers (clean of course), brushes, sponges. This just will not work with me! Its so frustrating!

As for the coverage, the reason I bought this, was because the woman in MAC said that it was FULL coverage, even on a few of the sites I went too said this was full coverage. So, I was excited. Let me just say, this is not full coverage at all. Full coverage is supposed to cover EVERYTHING. This.. just covers enough that it makes my skin look more even than it really is. I am honestly just really disappointed in this foundation!

While, I still think that it is an okay foundation, I wont see me purchasing it again. There are a few other reasons though. After wearing it for an hour or two, it starts to make my skin extremely itchy, although I am not allergic to it at all, I am not sure what it is. Its not very nice when you are out and you are trying to not itch your face! Bah! Another thing is, it feels like it just SITS ontop of my skin. It doesn't blend into my skin well at all and you can tell that I have foundation on.


I feel like I can't recommend this to people in all honesty. I just feel like I would be wasting their money, since I have not had so much luck with it! Then again, everyone has different skin and everyone's skin reacts differently to everything. So at the same time, I can't tell you to NOT buy it. All I can suggest is see if you can get a sample of it before you buy. Don't just buy it before you try it like I did. That is what I honestly recommend to you all!'

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