Thursday, March 22, 2012

WEN Sweet Almost Mint Cleansing Conditioner

This is a product that I got out of my, My Glam bag, I dont remembe which month, I believe January. As you can tell, it is a deluxe sample.
What is a cleansing conditioner? Well its basically a shampoo/conditioner together. It is sulfate free.
This is what the back of the tube says
"Rinse hair thoroughly. Apply to your scalp, massage vigorously, and add a splash of water to create a foaming effect. WEN has no detergents or Sodium Laurel Sulfate, so it wont lather. Massage vigorously for 1-3 minutes, comb through hair, and leave on at least 3-5 minutes, for maximum conditioning. Comb through and rinse hair thoroughly, massaging scalp and running fingers through to the ends. Apply a small amount as a leave in conditioner."

On the website it says that this should be the first thing you put on and the last thing you wash off in the shower. The longer it stays on the better the results.

Now, with smelling this, I can smell more mint than the almond. You do have to use a pretty big amount of product, just for it to do what it needs to do, so I could see if you were to spend that kind of money.

Just for the conditioner alone its $49.50. That is WAY too much for a cleansing conditioner, I don't care how good it is. So I defintely DO NOT plan on buying this. I wasnt too thrilled with the results from it anyways.
I have an oily scalp and this just made it feel more oily, or it got oily quicker. Which is not good in my book. :( I feel like I want to love it, but just can't honestly. Maybe if you didn't have an oily scalp this would work fantastically on you, but for me, its a no go. :( This is very thick in consistency, so you would think that you don't need a lot, VERY wrong. Since this is the only thing you use in place of Shampoo AND Conditioner. When smelling it on the back of my hand at first it smells a lot like the Vicks Vapor rub., but after a minute or so, it dies down and you can start to get the almond in it.

With this being Sulfate free, it wont lather, so just keep that in mind when using this, if you do have it or do plan on purchasing it! I personally just do not feel like its worth the money you would be spending!


Disclaimer: I got this as a deluxe sample in my MyGlam January bag. :) I am not being payed or sponsored, nor was I obligated to do this review!

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