Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clean Start by Dermalogica Overview

So yes, this is the overview of the Clean Start series that I have been doing for the past month! I hope you all have been enjoying them as much as I have been!!!


Basically, I am going to talk about this kit as a whole entity. Since I did purchase the kit and did each individual post, I figured I would do an overview of what I thought about the products.

I really think that this kit is an AMAZING DEAL, Considering it is by Dermalogica. Now, I am not saying that its a bad thing.

You figure for $35 the products will last you quite a long amount of time. The Wash Off alone, took 3 months to run out. All over clear ran out a week or so later. The rest of them, I still have a bit left, the only reason. At one point, I got lazy and didn't use them.  So, figure you can get a good 3 months out of this kit. Which is an amazing deal for $35.

When I went a few days without using the Wash off, my face would break out and get extremely oily, so that is a sign that this works for MY skin. You may have tried something from this and it didn't work for you, im not saying it will work for everyone because everyone's skin is different.

I really can not rave about these products enough at all. Every time I get asked by people I know, what I did to get my skin more balanced and breakout free. I tell them I use Clean Start by Dermalogica. Before I started using this, my face was extremely red in patches and I had a lot of acne. I tried a good majority of the Drugstore acne products, I even had tried the organic ones, nothing worked! I finally gave up and decided to try something on the more "high end" spectrum of products. I had saw Kandee Johnson talking about 3 of her favorite products and there was a ad  on the side of her video for it, so I clicked it and was like :O Oh dang! Gotta try!

I of course read the reviews about it first honestly. I didn't want to just jump into something that was terrible, even though I knew/know Dermalogica is an AMAZING company. (I have been lusting to try some of their other products out) and I just took the jump and ordered it, even though I meant to order the trio that they were featuring as Kandee's favorites, since they were the SAME price. But I am much happier with this kit though.

At the present moment I am 100% out of the Welcome Matte SPF15, Bedtime for Breakouts, and the Ready, Set, Scrub! Sadly, at the moment, it is not within my finances to purchase the full sizes of them. *cries* Planning for a wedding really sucks your money out. Not that I am complaining. But since Ive run out of 3 of them, my face has been really wonky on me, breakouts every other day. Small ones mind you, but breakouts none the less. So, Im hoping to be able to get some within 6 months so I can get my skin BACK under control, since my wedding is November 1st of this year.

Although the targeted age group for the Clean Start line is for young adults, I think that anyone can use these honestly!

All in all, I think that if you are NOT set in your skincare routine, I think you should give this a shot. They are really amazing products and I commend the Clean Start by Dermalogica team for creating such amazing products. They really saved my skin. I definitely recommend buying the Clean Start kit before buying the full sizes of each, since you get to try all of the products. Well except for 2.
The other two products are the Smart Mouth Lip Shine and the Hit the Spot. Id love to try the Hit the Spot, but they were not included.

You can purchase the Clean Start Kit HERE

You can also purchase it at Ulta or HERE (as of 4.2.12 the kit is on sale for $26.25, I will update this if it changes)

Im so sad that this series is over. :( I wish that I had more products from Clean Start or Dermalogica for that matter to review for you all! I hope you all enjoyed this series!

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