Friday, April 13, 2012

MyGlam April 2012

So, I don't think I have done any MyGlam blog posts.

I decided to do this one, to hold you over until I can finish editing the pictures for the blog post I finished writing last night!


So just as warning, this will kind of be "picture heavy" I hope thats okay. I personally love blog posts with lots of pictures, but thats me. What do you all like? Lol.



So as you can tell, the bag is a metallic light pink. Im not really fond of the color of the bag but ya know, its nice. :) This wound up being thrown RIGHT into my purse for my iPad stuff. Hahah.

The card this month was really cute, all of the girls looked really lovely and I loved the back of the card, That was probably the best part about it. Hahaa


The first thing that I pulled out of the bag are the All-Belle eyelashes. These ones are very cute, I can see me getting some use out of them, Im just hoping that they are not too heavy for my lids.

Don't even ask me what the package says. Lol.


The next thing I pulled out was the DermStore Lip-Quench Moisture Infused Lip Treatment.

I used this basically right away and I must say, even through eating and probably 6 hours, this was STILL on my lips, they are definitely moisturized and feel very soft as of right now. I really love the scent of it as well! Smells like Fruit Roll Ups! It also has a nice subtle peachy-pink tint to it that I really like!


The next thing I pulled out was the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Radium.

I am IN LOVE with this color, seriously. I thought they were only giving out 3 colors and I was hoping for the purple, but I am ecstatic for this one!  I LOVE the 24/7 eye pencils period and I love that I can use this as a pop of color! Oh! Its Travel Sized. :)


The last two things are the MyGlam exclusive All-Over Eyeshadow Brush and the Eyeliner Brush.

I believe on MyGlam's website they say that the eyeshadow brush is made of Pony hair. And so is the Crease Brush from last month. So just putting that out there for all of those wondering.

The Eyeliner brush however is made of Synthetic hair and both of the brushes have the black ferrule and the pink handle with MyGlam stamped on it in silver.


 All over shadow brush. I feel like I will get a lot of use out of this, because it is small enough for my eyes! Which is really awesome!




So, all in all I was extremely pleased with this bag and extremely pleased on how quickly I got it.

I got the tracking number on the 11th. When I checked it, my bag was shipped out on the 9th and was already in Orlando. Even though I was not expecting it until the 16th, it showed up in my mailbox today!


Good job MyGlam!



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