Thursday, April 5, 2012

NOTD 4.05.12

Hey everyone!
So this is my "Easter" NOTD. The reason easter is in quotation marks is because its more pastel than anything. :)But I like it!

So on my right hand you can see that I have a banage on.
Its a really long story, but to shorten it. I was washing dishes and put my hand in a glass to wash the inside and the glass shattered, cutting up my thumb pretty bad. I have 10 stitches.
But thats not what this blog is about!

Onto a happier note.
I really love these colors together.

I used ORLY Bonder basecoat
Wet n Wild megalast (the new ones)
The purple is On a Trip
the blue-ish Mint color is I Need a Refresh-Mint.


You don't even need to add a top coat with these!! Which I really like.

Now painting my left hand was not as easy. Considering I can't use my thumb.

I really hope you all enjoyed this NOTD!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Thats a gorgeous mani!!! I love the colors you picked, i need that purple. xD

  2. Thank you hun! You should see me trying to do my left hand XD haha. It is a really pretty purple!!