Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: ClickR Acne Spot Serum

So, I want to say first that I received this in my BeautyArmy box. This product retails for $20 for 0.11 fl oz or 3.30 ml

Now that all of the "technical" stuff is out of the way, haha. I honestly cant tell you how much I LOVE this product. My previous acne spot treatment gel had just gone rancid because I had it WAY to long, so I was in the market for a new one. My previous one was only around $11 at Walmart, while this was $20 and I would have to order it online, but if it worked, I wouldn't mind.

When my previous treatment had to be thrown out, my face went crazy so to say. I had breakouts that I couldn't treat and I was NOT liking it at all! I had heard that ClickR was going to be partnering with BeautyArmy, but they were not supposed to be available for your box until the 11th. That happened to all on the day AFTER my time to pick my samples ended, so I was pretty bummed. I had said something about it on twitter and ClickR replied and said that it was already available! Oh man, I was stoked! I itched till my day came to pick, I jumped on the ClickR pen pretty quick. Haha.

When I finally got my BeautyArmy box I tore into it so I could try the ClickR pen! I didn't even realize that it was a full size till I opened the box! Man o man, I was even more happy then!

The pen has a twist bottom, that you twist (obviously lol) to dispense the product into the brush applicator. Which I already liked, since my other one had to be applied with your fingers. The package says it can take up to 24 hours to see any results, so I just brushed some on my active breakouts and went on with the rest of my day.

A few hours later I went to the mirror just to look and low and behold the breakouts had cleared up! After that, I vowed that this was my holy grail acne product. I seriously LOVE this stuff. It's seriously amazing.  I had a job interview and was stressing out to the point my face broke out bad. I brushed some on, went to bed and POOF my face was clear when I clear!

I am a very happy girl needless to say.

It takes 15+ clicks for the product to first dispense into the brush, after that it takes one to two, depending in how much product you are wanting. I typically use two.

The serum itself is a murky white, that is clear when applied and dries clear, which is nice. Another nice thing about this is when you first apply it to the breakout you can feel it working. The breakout gets a little tingly, but it goes away after a few seconds. It's nice to feel a product working when you first put it on and know its going to continue to work until you next wash your face.

This can be used alone or under your makeup, which is another plus. You obviously want to use this on CLEAN skin. If you are a little uneasy about using the brush applicator, you can just brush it on a CLEAN finger and apply it that way. There is nothing wrong with that!  Although you can use this under your makeup I would not put any cream or lotion ontop of the serum or it will dilute the effect, so I would use your face creams and lotions before you apply the serum. You can use this up to 4 times a day, but I don't feel that you really need it that much, unless its a pretty bad pimple!

This also contains salicylic acid as an active ingredient, so if you can't use that, just be weary of that.  The salicylic acid penetrates and exfoliates the pores. This also has lactic acid that helps to get rid of the dead skin cells and bacterialcidals that disinfect the pores and it kills the bacteria causing the breakouts. This is also oil-free and contains no benzoyal peroxide. You can also use this on ANY skin type, even you sensitive skin ladies!

I honestly, really really love this product, it saved my skin before my job interview and even before and after my job interview it has cleared my skin up. I am really really glad that I found this product through BeautyArmy. Since I suffer from Adult Acne, for me its kind of hard to find a product, or products for that matter that actually work. I am so pleased that this does work! The Acne Spot Serum is from the "No More Derma Drama" line, I would really love to try more things from that line or from their other lines that they have.

I also really love their packaging. The tube itself is white with pink and black writing on it. I love how each line has a different color which makes it unique and fun!  I also LOVE the person who runs their twitter account. They are so nice and friendly. As well as Florence, who is their CEO. She is such a lovely, sweet and nice woman!  The people I have encountered from this company are amazing! They really are!


All in all, I give this product a 5/5.

I also give the company a 5/5!! Just an all around amazing group of people! :)




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