Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Upcoming posts!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA! D: I'm still waiting for this thumb to heal. Its good enough currently that I can type without any pain! :D Which is really nice.

So I have quite a few upcoming posts planned.

I still have to do my FINAL review for the Burts Bees gud line that I currently am testing.

I have a review on some Simple Sensitive Skin Experts products to review.  I've had the eye makeup remover for a few months, and just currently got the replenishing moisturizer and the makeup removing wipes. The eye makeup remover will come first, since I have had that the longest.

I also have a new series coming :)

Its a nail polish collection series.  Is that something you all would like to see?

If not I wont do it :)


Are there any kind of blog posts you would like to see or not like to see?


Let me know down below! <3


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