Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favs Friday!

Hey everyone!
So, I know a lot of bloggers do this ever Friday and I really love reading what they are loving this week, so I kinda of wanted to jump on the bandwagon because I thought it was a cool idea.

Basically what Favs Friday is, is just my favorites of the week. :) That is all. Haha. Pretty simple!

So my first favorite is Tiny Tower. Now when I first started playing this, it actually kind of annoyed me and now I enjoy it tons!

My second is another game, haha. It's called Oregon Settlers. I have it on my iPad, I'm not sure if it's available on android or computers. I've not looked. Basically you build a town up from nothing. It's really entertaining and it helps pass time!

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. Now I have a review of this coming soon, but I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It helped to reduce the redness in my face and help even my skin tone out! So far it has been a miracle worker for me!

My last favorite thing of the week is Sorted Food. They are a bunch of friends in England who cook. Their meals are easy, fun, cheap. And the boys themselves are absolutely hilarious. This entire week, I have watched every episode on their youtube channel and on their website. They are funny as well! I've made quite a few of their recipes and they are amazeballs!

Those are really my only Favorites for this week. I know that I will probably have more next week.
I hope you all are having a lovely day or night!


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  1. So, I went to the Sortedfood channel on youtube, I love 'em!!!! They're too cute with their sexy little accent, and the foods they make look delicious.