Monday, May 28, 2012

May 2012 MyGlam bag

So, this month's bag was apparently themed around "Love". I am not sure why they didn't just do this around Valentine's day, doing this bag in May seems a bit weird to me. I got my bag on May 16th.

So this month, I was not impressed with the bag at all. The bag itself is actually something I would never use. Its a baby-blue-ish bag with pink lips all over the bag. Its not something I would want to pull out of my bag and flash.

The rest of the contents in the bag were not too appealing either. This month we got Miss Beauty Nail Bling. They are kind of tacky and I can't use them on my nails and my Mom looked at me like I had 5 heads, when I asked if she wanted them. They are something I will never use and may use in an upcoming giveaway.

The next item is a sample of the Philosophy Love Sweet Love fragrance. I really actually love this scent, which surprised me. When I smelled it at Ulta, it actually gave me a migraine and smelt OVERLY floral, but this smells very nice.

The next to last thing is the Studio Gear Complete Color Intensely Professional Lipstick. Now, you all know I am not a lipstick person. I've swatched this on my hand and will probably disinfect it and give it away. The color I got was Blush Pink, and its more of a red pink to me.  The lipstick itself smells like play-doh to me. I know a lot of people got like a coppery brown color, or a poop brown color. Those are the only two I have seen. Now there are rumors going on that these are all discontinued lipsticks. I don't know if that is true, but I am not going to go investigate because I could personally care less. I would be happy if I had a discontinued lipstick, because no one else would be able to get it. Thats a me thing though.

The last item's are the brushes. These are supposed to be the last 2 brushes in the set. I know a lot of people found the same exact brushes from a company in China I believe that are about $0.20 a brush, or something like that. Not that I care because I actually like the brushes. There is only 1 brush that I don't like and thats the first one.

All in all, I am not very happy with this months bag. Im not sure many people are. Although, the bags wont please everyone, I just found everything in the bag, pretty cheap and there seemed to be no real thought to this month.




Did you get a Glam bag? What was your opinion of it? Are you going to cancel or hope the bags get better?


  1. You should get all the brushes together and do a big review. Though from the few things I've heard it sounds like they're all terrible. I finally used the one I got and did not think much of it at all. I'd rather use my ECO Tools or my ELF studio brushes.

    What you said about the theme is exactly what everyone else is saying. I've watched five different videos and they've all said "why do this in May and not February?". Everything they give is either a. something you can get for free when you shop at Ulta or Sephora or b. is so cheap you can buy it yourself.

    Another interesting tidbit I heard watching a video, the Urban Decay pencil they gave out last month was something you could get for free if you spent $25 at Sephora last month.

  2. That was probably going to be one of my next videos or an upcoming blog post. I already thought about that hah! Good idea though! Yeah I tend to stay away from the first one. The rest, in my opinion are nice.

    As for getting it free last month when you spent $25, I've not heard that, them again. I've stayed away from anyone of the recent MyGlam drama, it's kind of annoying

    I do agree though. I feel like they are half-assing the bags lately. Mays theme was absolutely stupid and kind of pointless to do a love theme in May. That I've also heard everyone saying.

    I got a sneak peak and the physical bag for next month and so far, I'm not impressed, especially if it is going to be the bag. It's kind of funky looking from the preview picture. Hopefully they start doing previews before the first. I might just stay on for their 1-year, since CookieFarrer payed for the year and can't cancel it. I'm still pretty undecided though.