Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Upcoming blog sale

Hey everyone! I know this post is going up very late, I am really sorry!


So, I really just wanted to let you all know that I am planning on doing a blog sale very soon. I am not going to give any exact dates because I have honestly not priced anything or really decided how I want to do it!

Payments and that sort will all be going through PayPal, I feel that is just easier to manage.

The stuff I plan on selling is going to be ranging from Drugstore to high end and everything will be reasonably priced.

A lot of the stuff I have only ever swatched once or used maybe a handful of times, if that, and I will make sure to sanitize EVERYTHING before it gets sent out, just for hygienic reasons.

I do have quite a few unopened products as well and I've not decided how to sell those, they wont be full price by any means, but I am just not sure how to price those.

The reason I have decided to do the blog sale really is to help pay for Chris and I's wedding, that is really the backstory behind it. :)


So, I will make another blog post when I am ready to start the sale! I hope you are all having a lovely day or night!




<3 xx Autumn

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