Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Things Friday

1. I can't decide if I want to dye my hair lighter or darker. The other day when I was in the car with Chris, I had a revelation that I am kind of over having dark hair. So I really can't decide if I should just stay with the dark hair or dye it lighter.

2. South Park. I have no idea why, but this week I have been obsessed with South Park. I have already seen every spisode MULTIPLE times, but at night I find myself listening or watching the episodes.

3. DSi. I have been obsessed with my DSi lately. I've been playing the crap out of Pokemon. I wont lie. I love those games haha. I also have an awesome "game" that is full of recipes. Its pretty sweet and the recipes are AWESOME

4. Rain. Wait, rain? Yes, rain. It has rained the good majority of this week and I honestly have quite enjoyed it. Its been nice to have some rain, the humidity is not wonderful, but the rain is lovely!

5. Snickers Peanut Butter. Ohmygoodness! These are absolutely ahmazing! Its like a mix of a reeses and a snickers, its orgasmic! :D the perfect marriage! haha.

What 5 things have you been loving this week?!

Yes, I screen shot one of my videos and HAD to do that face :P hahah NO SHAME



  1. Pictures, yes!!! Why don't you try highlights??? Perfect compromise, not too much of a commitment... :)

  2. Ya know, I never thought of highlights! I tried them ones and they didn't take, thats probably why I never thought of them! So true! Thank you I will definitely look into them now! <3 I was just thinking about taking pictures of everything because the post felt so lonely! :D
    Thank you so much !