Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Jason Pure Natural Shampoo Restorative Biotin

The Jason Pure Natural Shampoo Restorative Biotin retails for around $8.97 for 16 oz. . This can be bought at or a a variety of other places online.
Yes, I did get this as a Klout perk, but I was also in the market for a new shampoo, so I was very grateful to have the opportunity to try this. I do want to say right off of the bat, that I have tried this and I gave it to my parents to try out. So I will be giving you my opinion of this as well as my mothers.
For myself, I found that with this shampoo I could skip using my conditioner and my hair still felt soft and amazing without it. Not as soft granted, but still soft. My biggest gripe with this shampoo was that is flared my dermatitis up and made my scalp oily. So, I would say that if you have dermatitis, an oily scalp, or dandruff period, I would be careful with this, that is just my suggestion though. Other than that, I absolutely loved this.
I love that is that it is natural and that it has biotin in it to help strengthen hair. I also love that it "gently cleanses as it restores healthy strength to weak, damaged hair. The thickening properties Biotin and Vitamin B5’s revitalize hair’s elasticity. Ginseng and lavender extracts help repair split ends and minimize future breakage. Fortified with energy, your hair looks healthier and grows stronger." Yes, I took that from their website, because I found that it was the best way to describe it without making it too long and drawn out for no reason. :)

Now as for my Mom's side of the review, she was having a bit or problem with the shampoo. It tangled her hair up. She loved the smell of it, but the fact that it tangled her hair, kind of turned her off to it. That is all she really had to say about it haha.

All in all, I think that this is a really nice shampoo but if it didn't flare up my dermatitis and make my scalp more oily, I probably would have used it all up instead of giving it to my Mom. The scent of this is kind of like baby powder mixed with something, I am not sure what that something is though! It kind of reminds me of something Citrus. Its a nice scent though. :)

Did you you get this Klout Perk? Have you tried this shampoo period? I would love to know what you think about it!


  1. Biotin is really great for the hair. You can always have very strong and thick hair if you consume high amounts of biotin. "'`';

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  2. Oh, I know! I've been trying to take Biotin pills, but I keep forgetting, so it winds up defeating the purpsose. D: