Friday, June 29, 2012

Say whattt?!

Bah, so unfortunately Series Saturday has taken to the back burner again. Reason being is I have absolutely amazing pictures of the nail polishes in the bottle, but I am having trouble getting clear pictures of the polishes on my nails or even on Chris' nails. (Yes, he let me do his for my blog posts.) Its starting to become really annoying, so until I can get clear, good pictures my nail  polish series is on the back burner. Also, I have a lot of discontinued nail polishes. So, I would feel bad that you wouldn't be able to readily get them without having to scour Amazon or Ebay. Do you think I am making a good decision, or do you not care if there are discontinued polishes?

I started up a new email for my blog, since the email that was originally supposed to be for it, just turned into my everyday mail .. email. Lol. So the new email is . If you have any requests or suggestions you can always just send me an email. :)

I also am wanting to kind of go back to my roots and stick to drugstore stuff. I was switching between 2 blogs today. Temptalia and Nouveau Cheap, I realized that I found more "drugstore" products that caught my attention then the "high end". I'm still going to talk about high end products, but I kind of want to go back to do drugstore stuff. We will see what happens though. I've got about the same amount of stuff from each so maybe I will keep it a lovely mix. That might work out lovely!

I've got a blog sale coming up pretty soon. I just have to get good  pictures of the products themselves and figure out pricing. I'm going to have makeup high end and drugstore, clothing, maybe even a purse or two. =^_^= If I can part with them that is. Haha

I'm also going to do recipes or maybe a food related post or something. I really love talking about food and sharing my opinions and things like that. I really just love doing it. I'm not a "foodie" but I just have a passion for cooking and things like that. I just thought it would be a really neat thing to do once in a while. Opinions? Maybe that is what I will do on Thursdays, not every Thursday but just once in a while. :)

Oh, I'm probably not going to be doing my weekly deals on my blog, I think I might just keep them for my Youtube channel. I just recommend checking out Nouveau Cheap's blog posts about that. Her's are way more in depth then mine probably ever would be.

I'm also starting to feel like my blog is too "formal" and there really isnt much "me" in it, except my reviews and such. Hopefully I can turn that around and make my blog more interesting to read for everyone! =^_^=

Anyhoodles. That is really all for this random Saturday blog post. :)

I hope you are all having a lovely lovely day or night! <3

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