Monday, June 18, 2012

Tip Tuesday : Cleaning tip!

Hey everyone, so sorry about no posts Sunday or Monday. There is just a lot going on over here and was not really up to typing them up. But today starts a new day and here is my Tip Tuesday!

So everyone has those baking pans (jelly roll pans, sheet pans, cake pans, cookie sheets, ETC.) that are so yucky looking that its embarrassing to pull them out or use them really because you just can't get them clean. Goodness knows my 2 jelly roll pans are like that! They are so yucky looking that its kinda sad. Granted that is how I got them from my Mom, but I thought that nothing would ever get the crap that was baked into them off.

The picture I am going to show you is the pan dirty, I wont lie, its pretty dirty and the stuff is kind of burned on to where I would have to soak it to get it off. Ick! I had the oven on too high lol. Oops!

Anyhoodles, you are only going to need 2 ingredients. These you can find in any kitchen and medicine cabinet.

You are only going to need 1/4 cup of Baking Soda and enough Hydrogen Peroxide (any percentage) to make it into a paste. Obviously you are going to need to mix this all in a bowl. :P

You can just mix it with your fingers and apply it to the pan with your fingers. Its really that easy!

Now, if you have little tough spots that are hard to come off, you can definitely use a toothbrush (one that no one uses) or a sponge with a scrubby pad. Goodness knows I used my fingers and the scrubby pad on the sponge. Oh my goodness! It was amazing! I never thought the pan would be shiny looking again!

You can let this sit for a little bit if you would like, but remember since its a paste it will wind up hardening. Also, the corners and the side are going to be the hardest part to clean, so be prepared to devote some time to cleaning this. Its not just going to come off as soon and you put it on. This pan needed some serious scrubbing. If you let this sit make sure you apply it a bit thick to the place where you want it to sit, that way it will not harden. It will loosen up the spots a bit more than if you were to just immediately scrub.

I cleaned "half" of it just so you can see the difference! How crazy is that!

I first saw this on Pinterest and I'm not sure who originally thought of this, but I wanted to try this out and just HAD TO SHARE this! It was awesome! Now you can use this to clean just about anything actually. You can use it on your stove, anything stainless steel, to remove hard water stains. It works on a lot needless to say.

All clean! Im not sure what that black spot is and it wont come off, but at least the pan does not look so gross! Now don't expect it all to come off. As you can tell in the bottom left corner there is still a spot there. The corners are very hard to clean, like I said before, but this one was extra hard to clean. I wound up giving up on this one and just called it a day. I am still extremely happy that the rest of the pan is not as gross as it was before.

I hope that you all try this on your dirty pans and like it!

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