Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tips Tuesday! Rubbing Your Eye's

New blog day? I am thinking yes!

My tip for this Tuesday is to don't rub your eyes.
I have allergies to everything, so I am forever rubbing my eyes like crazy, Im fighting it as I type this. My eyes itch so back that I just want to rub the crap out of them so they stop, BUT I know it is bad so I am trying to break the habit.

Why is rubbing your eyes bad? Well, it can cause inflammation to occur, which can make your eyes or even your lids red. Cataracts and keratoconus can also be linked to rubbing your eyes as well. No one likes those bad boys, they are a pain! I've know lots of people with them and they succcck!

It can also contribute to drooping eyelids as we age. You don't want to be like Meryl Streep in the movie It's Complicated. Going to a plastic surgeon to ask about your drooping eyelid. (I love that movie and that was the only reference I could think of) haha, no one wants to have to deal with that!

That is really my tip for this Tuesday! Don't rub your eyelids!




  1. But I'm sleepy..... (fights rubbing) No droopy eyelids for

  2. Hahha. I love you. Good! No rubbing! Tis bad! You should have seen me fighting it this morning because of my allergies, it was quite comical