Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Favs Friday!

I realized I missed last weeks post ! D: I think I may have put up a different one, but no excuses! I had a fail moment. So this week has been eventful but not eventful in the favs area.

Oh Happy Friday 13th as well!

First I've been loving the crap out of my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Image Courtesy of[/caption]

I wore some of the blue out of this palette and surprisingly Chris actually noticed that I was wearing eye shadow which is huge because he never notices. Lol. But really I just love this palette in general.

My second favorite is this picture. I don't know why maybe because it is Friday the 13th, but it just makes me giggle.

My next two aren't really weekly favorites. I will love them forever  and they will be my favorites till the end of time, but I just couldn't help but share these two pictures.

So story behind the pictures. We went to Busch Gardens yesterday and we took my Niece and Nephew to Sesame Street and they played in the water. Well, my nephew did at least, I literally had to pick him up and carry him out so we could leave because it was thundering out and the rain clouds were coming in. (it never did rain)

He is too Cute. :P This was right before PopPop (my dad) gave him a water toy and I got soaked. Lol.

We didnt bring her bathing suit but my Dad dipped her feed into the water and what not and she enjoyed it like crazy. :P

My last favorite is a food item. These are really neat and Chris and I have been enjoying them a lot.

This one so far is Chris and I's favorite. Now there is more cheese in this one than there is breadcrumbs, so if you want more breadcrumbs I would suggest adding your own. This has the right amount of spice and everything. With these though since there is 2 of us and there is enough is here for at least 6 portions, instead of putting the meat in the bag, I mixed the cheese and breadcrumbs together and just took some out as I needed it. (with clean hands of course)

So those are my 5 favorites for this week! What are your favorites?! I would like LOVE to know!

I hope you all had/have a wonderful week! <3


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