Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Microwaving a bar of Ivory Bar Soap

Oh my goodness y'all!! I am having a serious child moment right now.

So, I saw something about microwaving a bar of Ivory soap. I literally did this face o_O the fudge?! Yeah probably wont ever do that! I don't use bar soaps, they dry my skin out like crazy. Cue lizard skin. :P

When I got my VoxBox and this was inside of it, I was like :O SO GOING TO TRY THAT NOW! I was having a nerd moment. Granted it took me a week or two to get around to it, but hey, I did it, didn't I?! :P

Anyways so what you do is you take your bar of Ivory Bar Soap and you put it on  a microwave safe plate or dish, I chose the container it was in because 1) microwave safe & 2) I can just put a lid on it and send it over to my parents house for them to use. Easy peasy right?!

Well, the best part is watching it in the microwave. I literally was like a little kid (no shame) watching it expand. I literally doing a little dance and calling Chris over to come watch it! You can microwave this from 90 second to 6 minutes. It really wont hurt it if you microwave it for 6 minutes, it just wont grow anymore. You will be able to tell when to stop it because it wont be growing anymore. I did mine for 90 seconds.

Now, I was going to make a video of it expanding in the microwave, but you couldn't see what was going on with the screen on the front of the microwave. :(

This is a really fun thing to do honestly! My nephew will love this! Any child would! Its a really neat thing to do with kids for sure!

Now you can still use this after its been microwaved, and in reality since its expanded, you have more of it and if you use it in the shower, you wont use as much and go through the bar as quickly! So a double plus there! Fun for the kids and economical! <3

You can use Ivory many different ways. You can scrape some off and use it as a laundry detergent. You can use it to wash your body, hands and even your FACE. It gives a simple yet effective clean to anything. I'm not too crazy about the scent though, it kind of gives me a headache. It can also be used as a spot remover, how cool is that?!

Ivory is also affordable, its one of the cheapest soaps per ounce on the market! So hello value right there!  You can purchase Ivory at any mass retailer and for a 10 pack of bath bars its only $4.49! HELLO! Why did I not think of doing this before?!

I definitely say you all should go and try this!  Bring out the inner child!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Influenster for testing and review purposes. I am not being compensated or paid to do this post. 

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