Friday, July 6, 2012

Review - Coco Cafe

Hey everyone!

I have a review on a drink! So a little back story on why I tried it. I've been into drinking coconut water lately. Now, that should be a shock to everyone since I don't actually like coconuts, but I've become fond of coconut water. Go figure. I had see MissGlamorazzi talk about these on her Vlog channel and I was really intrigued. Coconut water with Espresso in it?! That seems weird, but she said it was really good, so I went on a search for it. That was MONTHS and MONTHS ago. It was hard for her to find it there in LA, so I was like.. its going to be even harder here.

So about a week ago in Walmart, Chris and I were on our way to the check out and I was looking in the coolers near the register's, because that is what I do when I walk up to check up.  I let out the biggest squee and did a freaking dance right there in the middle of the store with people around me. It was rather hilarious.

Anyways, Chris decided to pick them up, they wound up ringing up around $3, which was kind of crazy, but we wanted to give them a shot. One of the containers is 11.1 fl oz / 330mL / 0.69 PT. Which is not bad.

So, I said earlier that is has espresso in it. Well here are the rest of the ingredients : Natural coconut water, reduced fat milk, evaporated cane juice, carrageenan and natural flavors. They are all Fair Trade Certified ingredients, which is amazing.
(What is Fair Trade Certified Ingredients mean? Go to this website and read all about it.)

Anyways, now to what I thought.

OH EM GEE, I was really afraid that this was going to be gross, but it tasted really good. It was a nice mix of the coconut water and the espresso. They didn't over power one another and they didn't clash. I actually really enjoyed drinking this and it even gave me a small boost to finish what I needed to finish that night.

However, this is not something I am always going to have in my fridge. For me, it is a little pricey, but at the same time, its also extremely hard to find. Its not like the case was full of them, these were the only two they had in the whole store. I just got lucky. I'm not going to go out of my way to find them. I do recommend them, but in all honesty, don't go out of your way to find them if they are not in your local grocery stores.

Check out their website!

So with that note. That is all I have to say. :) I give this product a 8 out of 10! Yummo!

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