Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When it comes to shaving everyone is different. Some like waxing, or products like Nair and others like old fashioned shaving. I for one prefer shaving for various reasons. I've never used wax before and honestly it scares me. I am a sissy when it comes to pain, so I will never get anything waxed. I am considering getting my eyebrows waxed, but the thought terrifies me. Thats another blog though. Haha

I've tried all types of hair removal (except waxing like I said) and honestly, shaving is the only thing that does it for me. I've tried Nair and Veet. I'm not a huge fan of hair removal creams. For one, they smell absolutely horrid and you have to keep them on for at least 5 minutes, and trying to keep me from walking or moving for 5 minutes is like trying to get a 3 year old to stay still. I really don't like staying in one place too long, I start to get antsy. Not only that, but I am actually allergic to the chemicals in Nair and Veet. I learned that the hard way. That was a sexy few days of rashy red and itchy legs! Needless to say, I don't recommend them. If they work for you that is fantastic,  just keep them away from me. Haha.

Shaving is my way to go. I've used every type of shaving cream, gel, lotion and what not that you can get in the drug store. I see no need to spend massive amounts of money on something that you are going to just wind up scraping off of your body. I've even used just about every type of disposable and even cartridge razors  out there. The only ones that I have really found that I like are the Bic Soleil disposable razors. I used to buy the huge packs of like 32 at Sams Club for $16, which is not bad at all.

They have 3 blades, a moisture strip and a strip that changes color when its time to throw them out. Ironically they are even scented in Lavender. Why they are, I have no idea but they are. It's a very subtle scent and you can't tell that its even there unless you put the handle directly up to your nose. They also come in I believe 3 colors. Two different shades of pink and a purple. Its a very cute touch to your bathroom or shower! Chris even likes using these! Which is kind of funny, he says they work better than his "man razor" so he always steals a few of mine when its time to shave his face. Lol

Now as for the shaving cream aspect, I am not going to lie, I use a man's shaving cream. Why? Im not sure. I use to always use my Dad's when it was time to shave my legs and I don't know, I just really liked the close shave that I got from this.

Chris uses this as well, so we share a can. But really, this stuff is amazing, I am not even going to lie. No shame. Hahah. There are different kinds of this and honestly its really cheap at only $1.29. I've used women's shave creams and what not before and I don't know, I just always come back to this stuff. (Chris likes it for his beard as well, for all of you men out there.) I would suggest using a lotion after using this though. It can dry out your legs a bit, then again you should lotion your legs anyways after you shave. I would rather have dry legs after shaving then have to deal with missing spots of leg hair.

I don't really like using Shaving Lotions like the EOS ones for example because they clog up the razor like crazy. Im not partial to the gels either because before you know it, the can is empty and you are wondering where the hell all of the product went! Or is that just me? o.o Really though, I love using this shaving cream, regardless of it being for men.

Some tips that I have for shaving!!

  1. Before shaving wait at least 3 minutes in the shower before shaving!! The warm water will help soften the stubble and help in making a closer shave. Don't however soak in the tub or shower before shaving because once the skin swells with water, you wont get as close of a shave as you want.

  2. Use a shaving cream This one is kind of an obvious. You don't want to shave bare, that it just asking for nicks and cuts. You can also look for creams with aloe or mineral oils in them to protect the skins natural oils.

  3. Work against the grain when shaving your legs. Multiple directions when shaving underarms, because those pesky hairs grown in every direction!! When shaving the bikini line, shave in the same direction of the hair growth.

  4. Use a three to five blade razor to help prevent irritation. You should replace your razor's after 4 uses!

I hope this helps you all out in your shaving!!

Disclaimer: All products in this post were bought by me with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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