Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shout Out Sunday: Christine

Hello everyone!
Its time again for Shout Out Sunday! Woo! *dances*

So this Sunday we are travelling all of the way across the world to Norway! Yes, Norway! There is a lovely blogger called Christine or Teeny89 on Twitter, she blogs about makeup, fashion and beauty. Let me just tell you, this girl has some major style for one! I'm not that big into Fashion because, I just am not, its a me thing, but this girl makes me wish I was more into fashion! She can pull off things I would never dream of being able to pull off. Like those Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas, I would walk once in them and knowing me, because the spikes are sharp, I would cut the crap out of my legs. Haha. But really, rock those bad boys girl!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="950"] This is the header from her blog. I in no way am using this for myself. If you click the picture, it will take you straight to her blog.[/caption]

Makeup wise, she picks out the most amazing things. There is a lovely mix or High end and drugstore, well just her taste all around is amazing. Not to mention, have you seen this girls eyes? Oh my goodness! They are such a beautiful color! Hoo-Hoo! She is all around beautiful, but her eyes are just stunning!

I definitely say that you all go and check her out!

In complete honesty, I love everything about her blog. I love the cute Hello Kitty that gives you the "peace sign" (that really is the cutest thing EVER), the top box that scrolls and shows previews of her posts that are direct links. Its just a really well rounded blog. Reviews, hauls, Outfit of the days and things like that.

I have talked to her a few times on Twitter and she is really sweet, down to earth And just very cool. Actually, when I first started doing my YouTube videos, her blog is one of the very first that's started reading. So I have been reading her blog for a couple years I believe. It's pretty cool!

I definitely suggest that you all go check her out!









Disclaimer: I am not being paid or compensated to talk about this blog. I am doing it on my own accord.

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