Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tip Tuesday : Getting Love Bugs Off Of A Windshield

Okay, so here in Florida around June the Love Bugs come out in full force, does this happen anywhere else?! Seriously, are love bugs anywhere else besides Florida? I'm not trying to sound stupid, I am being honest because I've never seen them anywhere else. Then again I've only ever been in Tennessee twice and drove through a few other states and have never seen them.

Those little hellians are the most annoying this come summer time. They can be interesting and all of that, but they cause a lot of concerns and pain when its Love Bug season. They can cause excessive clogging of vehicle radiator air passages with the bodies of the adults, with the reduction of the cooling effect on engines. The worst part is the  obstruction of windshields when the remains of the adults and egg masses are smeared on the glass. That in my opinion is the WORST because if you don't get them off quickly and you just let them sit on your windshield or on your car, their "fluids" can actually eat away at your paint and are hard as heck to get off windshields.

So, how do you get on of these little buggers off of your windshied?! Easy, a Dryer Sheet. Simple as that. You can use a used on or a new one and just run it over the windshield or anywhere else you have bugs and they come off easy peasy.  I wish I would have known this way long ago, when I used to rush to wash my car so I could get them off! Aargh!

If you suffer from Love Bugs dying on your windshield and you want an easy solution to get them off without scrubbing your vehicle, try this out and let me know how you like it!

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