Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Getting Tar Off Of Skin/Tools

This tip is for those handy men (or women) out there!

Have you ever been working with Tar, using it on a roof or other places, and you got it on yourself or on your tools? Its a pain in the butt to get off. (trust me)

This tip actually comes from my Dad. He is a huge handy man, mechanic... well really, the only thing my Dad can't do it transmissions. Its the only thing he never learned.

Anyways, the simple way to get tar off of your skin and your tools is simply ......

It sounds kind of crazy to be putting Diesel on your skin, but it actually works! I've used it along with my Dad, Chris, Brother, Uncle ETC. Its just a simple way of getting it off. Of course after you are going to want to get a shower, since you will have something flammable on your skin.

Obviously, you do not want to use this if you have any cuts, scrapes, wounds.. really anything that is open. It will burn like a mother. You don't even really need a lot, so if you were to go out and buy only a gallon, it would last a pretty long while.

When you are using the diesel, it would be best to put it on a rag and just take the tar off that way. =^_^=

I hope you all enjoy this latest Tip Tuesday! 

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