Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tip Tuesday : Superglue On Glasses

Yes, you read that correctly. Have you ever gotten superglue on your glasses? Yes, the ones you wear on your face.


Well, I always have had this issue with my glasses breaking near the bridge and since I don't have the money to get new frames, I always just superglue the area that broke, if it is able to be fixed that is. If it can't I just run to the store and buy a pair of frames that fit the size of the Lenses themselves. Why don't I do this everytime? Well, it can get kind of expensive. The frames that I am currently using are $20 frames! Thats crazy to go out and spend each time they break.

So, I've superglued them. I've done this since I was a Senior in high school. However, in the years that I've done this, I have gotten plenty of super glue on the lenses, normally just near the outside where I can't see it. So I shrug it off and let it go. However, my glasses broke a few days ago and I wound up getting superglue RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the lens. You better believe that annoyed me and I could not just let it alone. So I had to remove it.

I scoured Google looking for ideas, there weren't many. There was info on how to get it off your computer screen.. Really your computer screen?! and of course other place, but none for lenses that I saw. So I looked through my cabinets at what I had. 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and nail polish remover. So, I grabbed a couple of cotton balls and went to work, at first just rubbing the alcohol over it, I was like WOO its gone! Then when I wiped them off and let them dry, that was not the case. So I rubbed and rubbed, alternating between the alcohol and the nail polish remover. The superglue started going away, thankfully, but I didn't want to be there for hours rubbing and rubbing. So, I took my trusty finger nail and just ran it over the glue, (while it was wet with alcohol) and it came right off!

Why I didn't go this right away, I have no idea. It came off and I was a happy camper.  All-in-all, this is a really handy tip if you get superglue on your glasses. I may be the only one to ever have this happen too, but hey, I am not made of money and can't go out and buy a new set of frames every few months when these break. =^_^=

I hope you all liked my Tip Tuesday this week! <3

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