Thursday, July 26, 2012

When Should You Throw Out Your Mascara?

Hello everyone!


I've recently realized lately how people don't know some important facts about makeup. Or at least.. when they should throw their mascara out! Its not been just once person that I know who didn't know when they should throw their mascara out, its actually been quite a few!


The reasons that they don't know is that they could be new-er to the makeup world or just were never told. I am here however to tell you that you should throw out your mascara tubes every 3 months! Why every three months? Well, from the first time you open your tube, you let air into it and bacteria starts growing inside of the tube. Honestly, that is why I don't buy expensive mascaras because they will just end up getting thrown out, even if they haven't been used up.

If you don't want to throw your mascara out after 3 months and you think that you can make it last longer then what I suggest is too smell it. Yes, smell that bad boy every time you use it. That way when it starts to go bad you will be able to tell. Definitely when the mascara starts to go bad, throw it out. You don't want to hurt your eyes, just because you want to use every single drop of your mascara.


I hope this helped you all out if you didn't know when you should throw your mascara tubes out!  



Its also really hard to do mascara reviews because everyone's lashes are different. I will try and do a few for you, so that you know which are my favorite!

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