Friday, August 24, 2012

Beautylish Boutique "Haul"

Hello Lovelies!

Remember the post I made a few posts back about ordering from the Beautylish boutique? Well, my order came yesterday! The reason I didn't put the post up then was because I had just made my BeautyArmy post.

Anyways. I seriously was so excited! For 1 the UPS man scared the crap out of me when he knocked on the door.  2. I was so stinking excited to get my Beautylish package! I had NEVER used anything Sugarpill before. I've wanted too, but never had the chance to do it. Welp! Thanks to Beautylish I got my chance! Now I only ordered 3 things. I decided to keep it to a minimum because I wanted to save some money for the other boutiques that opened.

I ended up ordering a few things for Stephanie (CookieFarrer) after I asked her if there was any Sugarpill stuff she was lusting after. I'll let her tweet or post when she gets it :) It should be here today (8.24.12) at some point, then I've gotta add some stuff and send it her way.

That was a bit off topic. I had earned $160 in credit from beautylish by having people sign up via a link to get on the wait list for their store to open. I had 51 people sign up! Thank you so much to everyone!  My first order was $36 which left me $128. Then I made Stephanie's order and hers came out too $46 which left me with around $76 for the rest of the boutiques. I regret nothing!

Onto what I ordered.

The first thing I went for were the pressed pigments. I had been wanting Love+ for AGES. I've always wanted a red eye shadow. (My mom told me none existed when I first started getting into makeup. She lied. Lol. I've seen reds before, but they stank pigmentation wise. Plus they are really hard to find period.) Another good thing about Love+ is that it is MATTE! That is even harder to find! It killed me a little when I swatched it. (too pretty to disturbed. Im weird like that) The pigmentation is beautiful and I love the color!  I didn't take any pictures of the swatches themselves, I was going to do that when I do the individual reviews.


The next thing I went for were the pigments. I got two of them. Asylum and Birthday Girl. Asylum is a shimmery red with an orange undertone. Or as its described my Sugarpill a shimmery sex pot red. (that made me giggle) Birthday Girl is a princess pink color with iridescent fuchsia sparkles. This one is gorgeous! I first got it because I was thinking of doing a light light pink eye maybe for the wedding, but not with this one! Holy crap its so gorgeous and in your face! I will still use it though!

I also want to say, Holy freaking crap! I didn't realize their pigments were so BIG. I knew their pressed eye shadows were a pretty big size (4 grams as well), but I never realized how big the pigments are at 4 grams! I don't care who you are, that is a ton of pigment! I will treasure these for life. :P   I almost bought the Heart Breaker palette for the limited edition shadow that comes with it, but in reality I probably wouldn't use it much nor the limited edition shadow. Thats why I didn't purchase it.

As for how everything came packaged, the shipping box is cute! It says OBSESSED on the top, other than that its plain white. Everything was wrapped in lime green tissue paper and the pigments came packaged in a brown tissue paper. (I need to find out what tissue paper that is. I actually really like it) Everything was packaged really securely, which I greatly appreciate.  It also came with a shiny card that said OBSESSED (pictured below) and on the pack it said . There was also another card which is also pictured below.

Also, I want to comment on Sugarpill's packaging. How freaking cute it is?!

Have you checked out Beautylish's shop yet?



Disclaimer: I am not being paid or sponsored by either brand or company to talk about their products. I received credit from Beautylish by people clicking a link and adding their name to the shops wait list for when it opened. All opinions and excitement are 100% my own.

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