Thursday, August 2, 2012

Difference Between Cotton Balls, Rounds and Squares

So, we all think that Cotton balls, rounds and squares are all the same because they are made of cotton. WRONG! 

Granted they can all be used for a WIDE variety of things, they each are better used for certain things.

Cotton Balls, like any and all cotton products, may be used with your favorite cleansers, astringents, and toners. They are best used for applying oil, lotion or powder.

Cotton Squares are the ideal solution for manis and pedis. They are super-soft surface is lint-free for high-shine buffing, and are great for applying cuticle cream and for removing multiple layers of nail polish. If you find a brand that have the exfoliation side, they are even better for removing those stubborn glitter polishes that are a pain to get off!

Cotton Rounds are often hypoallergenic, as well as ultra-soft, lint-free and quilted for strength and durability. Therefore, they are made especially for both the application of toners, astringents and lotion, and the removal of nail polish, eye makeup, lipstick and foundation.

This is what I use to apply my toner and Oh My goodness! Its amazing! I use the quilted side and it just makes the toner go on nice and evenly. 

Did you know each had a different use and were better used for certain things?!

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