Monday, August 13, 2012

Removing Nail Polish From Clothes

So, you are sitting there painting your nails like normal and all of the sudden you bump the bottle of nail polish and SPILLS everywhere. Oh no!  The first thing you want to do is grab your nail polish remover and start rubbing it out.



Oh man, you definitely do not want to try and rub the nail polish out while it is wet, it will only make things worse! Instead try this:

LET the nail polish dry!

No, I can promise you that I am not crazy haha. Well, maybe a little bit. Seriously though, let the nail polish dry, even though it may kill you to do that. Don't touch it!


Instead get  clear packing tape and stick it to the fabric like you're applying a hair removal wax strip Rip off the tape--the polish comes off beautifully. If you're doing this with leather goods, use a scotch tape instead of big packing tape. Then apply leather conditioner to the spot that you've stripped with the tape.


Boom shack-a-lak and you are done! =^_^= That is really all you need to do if you ever spill nail polish on your clothes. :)


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