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Review: Neuro Drinks

Hello everyone!
I know, slap me for disappearing! Honestly, I have been so busy lately, every time I sit down to type a blog something else comes up and I have to leave. Shame on me!

Any-hoodles what I have for you today is a review on a few drinks from Neuro.  Basically each different drink does something different. I am only going to talk about 3 of them, because they are the bottles that I have sitting in front of me. I have tried all of them except for the Aqua, thats the only one I can not find. For me personally these are extremely hard to find, I have JUST started to see them pop up in 7/11 and at a random mom and pop shop near me. The site itself doesn't even list any locations near me that have them, so its such a pain! I have to drive at least 10 miles just to get one, but sometimes they are on my way to where I am going, so I just pick one up. You can find a location near you HERE that sells them!

Basically what the Neuro drinks are, is a way to "Drink Smart" (that's their trademarked thing) Each one has a different set of vitamins or what not that coincide with that the bottle is for. Each Neuro enhance's the body's reaction to all of the ways you live your life. Each one is only 35 calories, so not only are they good for you, but hey, less calories. That's good for some people. They contain no artificial flavors or colors, so that is even better! The bottles are even fully recyclable, which is good for the environment!  They have been around since October 2007.

The first one that I want to talk about is Neuro Bliss. This particular one is to help you de-stress, without doing anything unhealthy. It helps reduce stress, enhances your mood, supports memory (good for Chris) and promotes a positive outlook! In complete honesty, this is the first one I drank and I will tell you for one it tastes absolutely amazing! It has a lemony-grapefruit taste/smell to me. I really like it! Its got a nice tang to it. The color of this one is a cloudy white. This one in particular uses chamomile blended with L-theanine to reduces stress to keep you calm. I got one last night because it was one of those long nights that are always stressful. I drank this and my mood perked up and I normally am cranky on Saturday nights. (I have learned to hate Saturday's because of the Tampa Tribune) I was as happy as I could be and really just felt good about everything. I recommend this one most definitely is you are needing that extra boost of happiness and de-stress in your life!

NeuroTRIM is a new one for me. This is one of the ones that I found in the mom and pop store near my parents house. I'm sure you can guess what it is for just by the name. The slogan for this one is "Lose weight the healthy way". Basically this drink helps to curb your appetite, healthy weight-loss, better digestive health, promotes healthy aging (sweet!), and if caffeine free. You drink this about 30-60 minutes before you eat a major meal and it helps to curb your appetite so you don't over eat. Obviously you can't just drink this and shed the pounds, you still have to exercise and eat right, this just helps you to eat less. I drank this about an hour and a half before I ate anything and all I had were one of those tiny lunchables that don't have the drink. (inner child moment) I was absolutely full. I actually felt kind of sick like I over ate, just from that one tiny lunchable.  It suggests that you drink 3 of these a day to help curb your appetite with each meal, but just this one was enough to help my appetite all day, so I really like this one as well! This one definitely tastes and smells like pink grapefruit! I absolutely LOVE grapefruit so this was right up my alley!

The last one is NeuroSUN. This is a new one as well. Basically you there is vitamin D in every single bottle, more vitamin D in fact then you get from orange juice. This supports a healthy immune system, supplies the body with 1000 IU of Vitamin D, helps to maintain healthy bones and supports a balanced mood. This one in particular I can't place the scent or taste of it, so that I am sorry about, I can tell you that it is very tasty! It uses a healthy supply of vitamin D to make you feel better so you can shine! Everyone can you a little shine in their life! I know Chris drank this and he said he felt amazing, like he had been outside all day, without actually being outside. Make sense? Lol.

In a general nut shell I really like the whole concept behind Neuro and I really enjoy their drinks! Each and everyone of them! They all work in their respectable category.  For me these rang from between $3 and $4. A bit on the expensive side, but they are worth it in my opinion.  You can even buy these by the case from their Amazon Store . I really recommend these all to try out, I think you will like them as much as I do! I just wish they were more readily available for me to purchase. That is really one of the only downfalls for me, except for the price. They have been on offer lately at 7/11 for  2 for $5 which isnt bad I guess.

I suggest you all check out their Twitter / Facebook / YouTube  and don't forget to check out their website as well!

The 3 pictures that I used came from their website and I do not own the images.

I hope all enjoyed my review! If you decide to go out and try these or have already tried these, let me know what you think! I would absolutely LOVE to hear your experience with these!

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored or paid to do this review. The products mentioned were all bought by me. All opinions are 100% my own and are not and will not be swayed by anything. 

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