Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sephora & Ulta Haul!

Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I bought anything from Sephora.. It was Black Friday of last year to be exact, haha, and its been a while since I bought anything from Ulta. I went to Sephora initially looking for a mineral foundation that I could use for the wedding because I've just fallen out of using my liquid foundations. :/


So basically I just wandered around my Sephora for a good 20 minutes. I wound up just settling on the Bare Minerals Get Started Kit. I've never used bare Minerals before, so I am pretty freaking excited to try them out! Chris thought it was outrageous at first, until I showed him everything that was in the kit, haha then he warmed up to the idea. Plus, its for the wedding, so that helped! :P Hahah. I got the one for Light skin because the one for medium skin was too dark. Lol.

The kit comes with 2 mineral foundations in Original and Matte, Mini Prime Time foundation primer, SPF 20 concealer in Summer Bisque, mini bareMinerals READY touch up veil in translucent, Warmth All-Over Face Color, Fill flawless face brush, angles face brush, maximum coverage concealer brush, and deluxe samples of their Deep Cleansing foam and Purely nourishing moisturizer for combination skin.


That is a LOT of products in this kit! Holy crap, I really think that it is a great deal. :)


I'm putting all of the pictures in as a slideshow, that way this isnt attack of the killer pictures. HAHA

So the kit all together was $68 which is a nice deal is my opinion. (don't tell me otherwise. I might shank you. I KID I KID) I am really excited to try all of these products out. Now I also got a 100 point perk, I know I should have saved them, but I was in the moment and I got a Givenchy Noir Coture mascara. IM FREAKING EXCITED. I can't even explain how excited I am. Don't judge!


Now, as for Ulta, we werent planning on going, but we were going to look for a hair trimmer for Chris. Now unfortunately we didn't find one, at least one that had the correct attachment we needed. Oh well, there is one at Walgreens that he found and wanted. I asked if I could get a couple of things from Ulta's makeup line, for that spend $17.50 get that GWP bag thats worth $88.

I picked out one of their extreme wear whipped eye shadow in cream puff. The reason I picked this one is because I had the wedding in mind and I wanted a really pretty baby pink eyeshadow base. This is it.. or at least I hope this is it. LOL. This does have shimmer in it, and just from swatching it in the car, it is absolutely beautiful! The color kind of blends out into almost nothing, but that was on the back of my hand, we will see what happens when I use it on my eye!

I also got one of their crease brushes. Let me tell you, I think this might become a favorite brush of mine. Its small enough for my crease, but its nice and soft. I believe its synthetic fibers.


Now I did get the GWP (gift with purchase) and I personally don't think its worth $88, but hey, it was free. No complaining. I wish I could have seen which kit was which that was I could choose accordingly because I wont use the blush or the lipstick that came with it. Too bloody dark for me!  Oh well. Unfortunately for me, the bag broke once I opened it. Which is a bummer.


That is my haul from today! I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I got! Expect reviews of everything soon!




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