Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Update

So, all in all if you have been watching the news, not a damn thing happened. Isaac ended up turning WAY west and missed us completely. We got rain and wind. Thats about bloody it. I did get some pictures though!

I mean I am glad that it wasnt bad, I just kind of wish that there was more of it. Ya know? I know shame on me. I do however feel for the people in Louisiana, its a shame that they are going to get battered again. Especially after Katrina, granted its been a few years, but still.

I do hope and pray that if you are in Louisiana and are bracing to get hit that you stay safe! Just stay safe and don't go outside in the middle of the hurricane, that is all I ask. :)

Maybe I should have had my Dad wash and wax the car. LOL.. Its a family joke and kind of a long story.

I did get some pictures, not many because not a bloody lot happened. I took them on my phone because I haven't been bringing my camera, or a purse for that matter with me lately, which is just really bloody weird. I really only got a few .

We did have to drive to Tampa to go rescue my Dad from work, that was about the highlight of my Sunday afternoon. We ended up getting rained on like crazy. I looked like a drowned rat. LOL


I'm not sure WHY the pictures are sideways. When I open them in the editing program I use they are the correct way but aren't on here. Its weird.

I know those aren't fantastic pictures, but honestly, like I said before not much happened and there was not a dang thing exciting to take pictures of.

All in all it was pretty uneventful!

I hope everyone stays safe and happy!



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