Thursday, September 20, 2012

BzzAgent - Glade Expressions

Right off of the bat I want to say that I got this item for FREE. I received coupons from BzzAgent (pronounced Buzz) to get this product. I am not being paid or sponsored by BzzAgent or Glade to do this post. All opinions are my own and do not reflect BzzAgent or Glade themselves. 


I have never tried anything from the Glade Expressions line before. I have seen them popping up in stores, but have never tried them. I typically am more of a Febreeze kind of girl. I am not kicking my self in the tush for not purchasing them before BzzAgent! These are seriously amazing!

For me however finding the oil diffuser was extremely difficult. I had to drive around to a few stores just to find it. Chris and I actually almost gave up! The fragrance spray was not hard at all to find! The scent I got (in both) was Pineapple Mangosteen. That is the only scent any of the stores around me had, which is okay with me! This scent is amazing. It kind of reminds me of a pina colada. It is a sweet scent, so if you are not fond of those types of scents, I would stay away from the Pineapple Mangosteen.  I am not sure what a mangosteen smells like, but the pineapple in this is VERY distinctive. It is really the only scent I could pick out of it. A sweet smelling pineapple. (yummy!)

I do not find these overpowering at all, the scent is strong enough to where you can smell it when you walk into the room.. or in my case when you walk into the apartment you can smell it! even though it is at the opposite end of the apartment from the door! Baha, I love it though! I have had other oil diffusers that you could NOT smell unless you were right up ontop of it. So, I am very appreciative that this actually "diffuses" the scent into the air where you can smell it.

As for the packaging, these were the starter kits. What do I mean by that?! Well! These bad boys are REFILLABLE! That is something I bloody like.


As you can see from the slideshow, the oil diffuser (the bamboo one) is very cute! I keep this on the far end of our kitchen table. Why so far? That way the scent has farther to go and can go all over the living room and apartment.

Now this review does not come lightly, if you see in the second picture (the inset taken out) the oil is almost gone, meaning I have tested this for almost a month! Yes, one of these bad boys lasts for up to 30 days. I wanted to wait and do my review that way I could test it and review it appropriately. I really do recommend these! The price is absolutely FANTASTIC!

From what I could tell in my area (the price differs per area) the prices were around $2.68 for the Spray and $6.68 for the oil diffuser.

Now, the reason I have not talked about the spray much is because it is basically the same as the diffuser, except it is in spray form. I love the design of the container. You just give it a squeeze and bam, it sprays. I love that it doesn't have a visible trigger to it. That is one thing I am not fond about with the febreeze. This I do not see breaking easily unless you are unnecessarily rough with it! The spray was also a "starter kit" the bottom unscrews and you give it a bit of a shake and the inner tube pops out and you can just pop a new canister in! I love the design of these. Glade really hit a good spot! Kudos!

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Have you tried these before?  I am considering picking up a few more starter kits and doing a giveaway with them. Would you like to see something like that?

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