Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care - Review

I do want to state right off of the get go that I DID receive this product for FREE from the lovely people at Clear Haircare and Shespeaks. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this review. 

Onto the stuff I am sure that you really want to know about! The "Total Care" portion of their line nourishes your scalp or strong and beautiful hair. Actually all of their products nourish your scalp. The shampoo and conditioner each have 10 vitamins and nutrients. They also have other shampoos and conditioners and even a line for men, but that is another post. These are NOT sulfate free. So, if that is the only type of shampoo you can or you do use, then these are not for you. Unfortunately because they are amazing!

Honestly, I was pretty skeptical about this product. I have heard a lot of mixed views on these, which made my views mixed. I wasn't going to totally rule the products out though, till I got to try them! I am so thankful I was able to try them through Shespeaks. (links at the end) To my surprise I am so happy with them! I noticed a difference in my hair the first time I used them! I've been testing this for about a month or so and I can tell you that I totally back this shampoo and conditioner!

It leaves my hair feeling soft and luxurious. I wish I had a picture of before and after, but I don't. :( It didn't occur to me to take a picture. Bah. Blogger fail.  I really can not express how pleased I am with these! I have dermatitis, which is a scalp conditioner and this doesn't make it flare up and I barely have ANY flakes at all! I am so amazed that this did amazing things for my hair! My dandruff shampoo didn't even do what this does, and its not even a dandruff shampoo! Haha

My scalp feels so nourished, and it doesn't get as greasy as it normally would to where I can't stand it. My hair doesn't even get greasy at all actually, maybe after 4 days of not washing my hair, but that is 4 days. Haha. The thing that made me honestly skeptical about this product, was that you massage the conditioner into your scalp. I've never done that because I was always told that is make your hair look greasy from the start. But not this! I should go tell my Uncle that! Bah. I remember when I was in 9th grade, he made me wash my hair 3 times because I had put conditioner on my scalp and he told me my hair looked unclean and that he could see that I had put conditioner on my scalp. Hmph, shows what he knows. Haha (I still love my uncle though!)

Another thing that I really noticed with this is that my hair is not falling out (shedding) or breaking as much as it used too. Granted if I don't wash my hair every other day, it gets horrid and falls out even more. I will deal with it I guess, just shedding like a cat. (meow) I mean really though, this shampoo and conditioner is absolutely amazing. I am going to go repurchase it when I start to run out!

You can purchase this at any drugstore or mass merchandise retail store. (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.) This retails for between $4.98 and $6.99 a bottle, but I really think that its worth it. There is also a line for men, that I am going to purchase for Chris because I can't stand the shampoo he uses now. :P

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Don't forget to check out SheSpeaks! It is an amazing website for women where you can review products, write blogs and chat with other lovely women!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Clear Hair Care and Shespeaks. I am not being paid or sponsored to do this blog post. All opinions are my own and do not reflect either of the companies by any means.

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