Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FOTD 9.12.12

I don't know what to "call this look" which is why it doesn't have a name. Lol. I'm not skilled in the naming department! Baha


So today I decided to do a FOTD (face of the day) or.. well more like an eye of the day considering I rarely put a full face of makeup on unless I "have" too.

Today is not a special day by any means, its actually raining. I started doing my makeup before I realized it was going to rain, so the fun in actually brightening my day with a little bit of color! :D


I decided to play around with some Sugarpill loose shadows today. I picked two out of the bunch. Lumi and Birthday Girl. (reviews soon)


[caption id="attachment_1448" align="aligncenter" width="642"] I put them in a quad picture. Not sure why, its easier to me :) Also a story as to why I look "oh so happy"[/caption]

Sugarpill actually had given me the want to actually start using colors. If you have noticed for the past year and a half, all I have worn is Neutral shadows thanks to my Naked palette. Hah. I'm so glad to be back to using colors! <3


I used

Lumi  all over my lid

Birthday Girl is in the outer corner and slightly into my crease.

For my eyeliner I used Urban Decays 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion (story about that at the end)

and my Mascara is Revlon ColorStay Overtime Mascara in black.


I really like the way this look came out! I realllllllllllllly bloody love it actually! <3I hope you do as well!


Now onto the story. Its "fun"

When I was applying the liquid liner, the tube decided to fall over resulting in this : V

This is all over my legs, my jacket and probably my shorts honestly. Do you know how hard this stuff is to get off?! I need to go buy more makeup remover. Seriously though. This is an entire bottle (new) liquid liner ALL OVER my legs and clothes. I have used it a couple times before today and its fallen over, but the stopper bloody came out resulting in it spilling! Ugh :(

I have contacted Urban Decay about it via email and twitter. So far no response, I'm not hoping for one today, but I am hoping for one soon it would be nice! I will update you as soon as something happens.


I am really pleased with how this look turned out! :D



disclaimer: all above mentioned products were purchased by ME. I am not affiliated or being sponsored by EITHER of the companies above mentioned. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I love the pop of pink! I wish you luck in hearing from U.D.. Nothing is worse than having something go wrong with a piece of make up especially when it's a bit expensive.

  2. Thank you! <3
    I got an email from them saying IF I have my proof of purchase they will replace it. I can't find my receipt to save my life. So, I have no idea. I'm just waiting back from the lady.

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