Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MicroDerma Mitt - Face - Review

I got this in one of my Birchboxes back when I was actually getting them. This retails for $28.50, which you could see was well worth the $10 I payed for the box. You can purchase this online at

This is an exfoliating face mitt that helps life and remove dead skin cells. It is fantastic for sensitive skin care! Heck you don't even have to use a face wash with it! You can use plain water if need be! Depending on my mood, that is all I use sometimes is a little bit of water and it works just the same!

The mitt itself is a thin piece of fabric that kind of feels like superfine sandpaper. It is not rough at all, but you can feel it exfoliating.  It also has a green elastic band that you can hang it from so it dries. You put your hand inside of the mitt (its double sided) and you GENTLY rub it on your face in small circular motions. Don't be rough when doing this, then again never be rough when exfoliating. When you rinse your face off (to get the dead skin cells off duh), your face will feel absolutely amazing and smooth! Heck knows mine does when I use this!


I really like the concept of this product and it is very travel friendly since it doesn't take up and space AT ALL. Honestly though, it is quite a bit pricey at $28.50 a pop. Shoo, that is honestly a little bit more than I am willing to pay for an exfoliating mitt. Okay.. its way more then I would pay actually, but you get the point. I really think that if this was quite a bit cheaper I would purchase a few more of them. Currently however, I just can't. It is a bit outrageous. I do love this product but I do NOT love the price of it.


Other than the price, I think that this product is fantastic.

I suggest checking them out on their website

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