Monday, September 17, 2012

MyGlam Now Called Ipsy?

You may be wondering. AUT WHAT THE HECK IS IPSY?! Is it another subscription service?!

No, MyGlam changed their name. Am I liking the name? I think its a cute name. Goodness knows it is unique.

Eh, I just think its a bit weird that they changed their name. Although I think they have a good reason to do so, its just... well a bit odd in my opinion.

I hope they are not thinking that by changing their name, all of MyGlams bad press is going to leave them. I really don't think it will, in fact I think it might cause a bit of an uproar when people see. I can already see by going to the facebook page people aren't liking the change. People never like change.

I love change. I am excited for "Ipsy" and I can't wait to see what they have coming!

Does anybody remember who their ambassadors were? I know Zadidoll but, I heard everyone else pulled out?  Correct me if I am wrong. :)

I do like their tagline. ...Beauty by you. I REALLY love that. They also have a section where you can do challenges. They have one going on currently.

You can find that HERE

The one thing I don't like is being called an "Ipster" I shall stick with "Glammie" . Better suiting choice in my opinion.

So far I really am liking their website, its cute. Its something that you are going to need to get used too because there are a lot of elements to it! I think it is very user friendly if you actually try.

All in all, I am liking the changes they made. I can't wait to see what else they have coming! I'm excited for this new change and new start.

Not everyone is going to like it and that it okay. Are they going to get backlash? Probably. Why do I think that? Because women can be mean. Men can be as well, but I think women are worse. The people who are on MyGlam's facebook page complain about every little thing and post hateful things over the smallest of issues. If their bag isnt shipped on the same day every month, they unsubscribe. Grow up is all I have to say. You aren't going to get everything you want. Sorry little tangent there. :P

What do you think about MyGlam changing their name to Ipsy?


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