Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spotlight Sunday - Sugarpill

Hello Dolls!

This week is going to be something different. Instead of showcasing a blogger, I am going to talk about a Company. This is so fitting to what this Spotlight about because of how they treat their customers and just how they act in general.

The company I am talking about is Sugarpill . Why Sugarpill? Well, I have ALWAYS admired their eye shadows and pigments, but never bought them. I used to be afraid of color to a point, thinking it would look terrible on me. I have used bright colors before, but I went into about a year and a half long neutral binge. So, my "brights" collection dwindled and I now own more neutrals that I will ever need.
.. Woah went off on a small ish.
When Sugarpill came to Beautylish, I was so excited. I FINALLY had my chance to try them out! Why did I wait for them to come to beautylish? I'm on a strict Wedding budget at the moment and because 51 people signed up for the launch of the BB (beautylish boutiqes) I earned $168 in credit! Woo! I spent a small amount only getting a couple of pigments and Love+ which totaled $36. I was going to wait for the other boutiques to open to spend the rest.. That didn't happen. Then I spend $46 on a friend. Then I spent the last $78 on myself and another friend. I had just spent $168 in Sugarpill before I knew it!

I just want to say ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT! I am seriously hooked. All of my products have their own drawer which I have dubbed "My Sugarpill Drawer" lol. That is all that is in it. :P

Anyways, story aside the reason I am doing this Company Spotlight is because of their amazing customer service. I've not experience CS like this from any other company except for BeautyArmy.
What happened is there was something wrong with my Love+ shadow! D: I was so bummed, I've been on the search for a red eye shadow for so long. (Hah mom, proved you wrong! They do make red shadows! :P) I knew Sugarpill had a red shadow, but I had not had the funds to get it, so I jumped on the chance thanks to beautylish. (seriously, I am so grateful!) anyways, so I sent out tweets asking if Love+ was always hard to swatch. Literally, the pigment came off on my finger but wouldnt transfer. Since it was my first time owning Sugarpill products, I wasn't sure.

I didn't get any response from anyone on the matter, so I shot Sugarpill an email... Ironically after I sent the email I got a tweet from the Sugarpill twitter. I am not sure who runs their twitter, but that is the sweetest person I have ever encountered! Seriously, they were so nice and professional. They offered to sent me a replacement pan because there was something wrong with mine. It was probably defective or damaged. So I emailed them and Trista responded to me. Seriously, this girl needs a raise! She was so sweet and omg, it was just more than I expected! We exhanged a few emails back and forth and, seriously best customer service EVER! You can really tell that they actually care about their customers and don't just consider their customers "money" or anything like that.

That is something I really am loving about Sugarpill. I have never experienced anything like what I did from Sugarpill. The sweetest company ever.
I got my replacement pan on 9.15.12 and it came with 2 of the cutest stickers. I seriously LOVE cats. I had 21 at one time. (I swore I was going to be a crazy cat lady.) I only have 1 now, but seriously. It is taking everything I have to just not stick the stickers on something. :P
I can't wait for their new collection to come out! I am going to drool over it because my damn budget is not allowing me to buy any makeup! Damnit! *envy*
Also, how freaking cute is Shrinkle?! I love that she is just herself, rainbow hair and all. SO FREAKING CUTE YOU ARE! bah. #girlcrush

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] This image belongs to Shrinkle. It is her Twitter profile.[/caption]

Check out Sugarpill on
Shrinkles Twitter

The pictures in this blog post are property of Sugarpill Cosmetics and Shrinkle. I do not own the rights to these pictures. I am using them for show and tell purposes. 

Sidenote. This is my Sugarpill drawer :P I saved all of the packaging because its insanely cute!

Oh! And here is my replacement Love+! I love everything that came in the package! Thank you so much! <3

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