Monday, September 17, 2012

UD spilled eyeliner UPDATE

Hello everyone!

If you saw my last FOTD  , at the end of the post I had shown pictures and talked about how my new 24/7 liquid liner and spilled everywhere and all over myself and my clothing. The stopper popped off and went flying.

Well, I got an email back from one of their CS reps (this was last week) and even though I had provided pictures, I would have to use my own money to send back the eyeliner and my proof of purchase (which I couldn't find) and they would decide if it indeed was a product fault and if it was indeed a product problem, they would send me a new one. If it wasnt, I would be out what I payed for the eyeliner + what I payed to ship it to them.

The woman who emailed be back, was absolutely rude about it honestly. I kindly replied back that I couldn't find my receipt. Since I needed my receipt to PROVE that I payed for the product (wtf like I stole it *scoffs*. bloody really!?) I will just use what is left of my eyeliner. I can scrape enough product for at least a couple of more uses. Basically I just wasted my money on the eyeliner, considering basically the ENTIRE container fell all over my legs and clothes. It took me 2.5 days to completely get the eyeliner OFF of my legs and hands by the way and I am still working on getting it out of my jacket.

After the completely *excuse the language* bitchy email I received I have decided to look for a new eyeliner. This is the first bad experience I have ever had from Urban Decay, but its enough to make me want to stay away from them for a while. I don't plan on purchasing anything for quite a while. (I am doing a one person boycott LOL)

I also had tweeted Urban Decay on their twitter and have yet to receive a response from it. Yes, I understand they get a lot of tweets, but considering what it was about you would think they would respond. Hm?

Anyways that is just my update. Bitchy email, nothing being done about it, looking for a new eyeliner.

Oh, after I replied saying I couldn't find my receipt, I've yet to receive a response and I had replied on the 12th of this month. I am not "tarnishing" their companies name. I am just stating that I am kind of pissed that I wasted a considerable amount of money on this eyeliner that I can't use because the stopper popped off and went down my damn legs.

I mean, any logical person would NOT dump their eyeliner down their legs just to get a "free" one. That would be absolutely stupid. Common sense.

I am not expecting anything to be done via this blog post. I am just updating from my FOTD blog post because I said I would. I am not telling you to stop buying from them. Go and do it! Their products are AMAZING! I personally want their Vice Palette that just came out, even though I can't afford it. Figures right. Bah. Just personally for me, I don't plan on purchasing from them for a while.



  1. =( Sorry for the response you've received from them. I never have good luck with products when I spend a lot, so I stick to clearance sales and shopping on hautelook. I've spent on a lot of money on Tarte and Smashbox and have gotten terrible/damaged products, but never have any luck in reaching someone for a return. It pisses me off when I spend over $60 and it causes me to break out or doesn't work right. I've had problems with ELF (rarely) and stuff I've gotten off of Hautelook, but when it only costs me a few bucks I don't get as

  2. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with anything UD before. It just stinks! Oh I totally agree! I typically just shop sales or clearance as well! I just had this eyeliner before from a palette and bought a new one, which I am regretting now! No need to be sorry. It happens I guess! <3